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Deklun and Pace

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
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"Connected energy: Deklun & Pace with Joyfool at The Pub at the End of the Universe"

Some mighty kind words from Oregon's premier online source for music. - Oregon Music News

"Q/A: Experimental excursions with Portland's Deklun & Pace"

An in-depth interview exploring the vision that brought this duo together and the music that narrates their journey. - Oregon Music News

"A candid review of the improvised album Music Road from seasoned music industry consultant Gene Foley"

RATING SCALE "1" Indicates the Lowest Score "5" Indicates The Highest Score

Recording Quality/Production: 4
Musicianship: 5
Music Composing: 5
Melodies: 5
Song Arrangement: 4
Quality of EPK Content: 4

Overall Delivery: 4.5

"Thanks for submitting the material for the evaluation. The composing and musicianship are outstanding. It was nice to hear something created with real passion and intelligence. Thank you! I was also impressed with what I read in your Bio and the quotes I saw in your Bio."

--Gene Foley - Foley Entertainment

"Change of Pace"

An eloquently fitting summary of the Deklun and Pace live experience from this weekly free press out of Portland, Oregon. - The Portland Tribune

"Listen: Deklun & Pace: electronica meets the trumpet"

A global source for music news worldwide, Consequence of Sound offers up their seasoned perspective on the sound nature of this experimental duo. Click the headline to read their thoughts. - Consequence of Sound

"Art series lets youth get in on action"

Painter Maurice Anglin has an overarching theme for the works displayed in his first-ever showing."I want brown and black," he said. "I want yellow."

"What do you like to paint? Trains and cars and things?" prompted his mother, Autumn.

"I like butterflies," Maurice, 3, said.

This Friday, Maurice's blacks and browns (though likely no butterflies) will be on display as the Emerge Oregon Art Series sets its sights on the younger set --specifically, those whose work is more likely to be found on a refrigerator door than a gallery.

Each month, the Coffee House Cafe hosts Emerge Oregon. The show offers local artists the chance to show three pieces for just $5, but this is the first time they've opened the show up to kids.

The idea came to Kel Ward, one of the event's organizers, several months ago.

"My older two kids, who are 8 and 10, they are always asking me if they can put stuff in Emerge," she said. "And I was like, 'Well, it's not for kids; it's for adults,' and finally I said, 'Why don't I talk to Jonathan and run the idea by him?'"

Founder Jonathan Boys responded immediately.

So Ward's kids got to work. Kayden, 10, plans on showing pencil drawings and Karson, 8, will sell paintings.

"One's of a guy surfing," Ward said. "He's kind of random. He's 8."

Although the show charges a nominal fee for adult artists, children will be allowed to show their work for free, and budding Monets still have time to get their work in -- all pieces are accepted starting at 4 p.m. Friday, just hours before the show.

Beyond the kid's art will be the regular showcase of local artists.

Ward said the art tends to be affordable, though there is a range --she bought one piece of graffiti art from a local teen for $10 and a painting for $300. She herself sells her photography: $35 for a framed 8-by-10 inch print.

"In general, it's significantly cheaper than it would be in an art gallery because there is no commission," she said.

There also are four different musical acts that will occupy the cafe that night.

The front room will start with a performance from Find Your Smile, a Salem quartet that plays moody, jazz-flavored rock.

Jordan Roach, the group's guitarist and singer, said they've played the Emerge Oregon series many times since the series moved to the Coffee House Cafe in September 2009.

"I love that it's something to keep Salem alive," he said. "The atmosphere is always fun, and it brings people together through the arts."

At 9:30 p.m., Salem favorites All in Perspective will play stormy night jazz noir mixed with a bit of R&B.

In the back room, which also serves as the gallery, DJ Chernobyl will kick off the evening. Then, Deklun and Pace will take over for what is sure to be one of the most original shows of the season.

Essentially, it's a duo consisting of a trumpeter (Pace) and the laptop/modulator stylings of Deklun. They practice nothing and improvise everything, so each show is new and will never be played again.

Pace Rubadeau said the two teamed up in February after each had done music for an independent film studio in L.A. Although they still are getting to know each other, he said, they are on the same musical wavelength.

"We got together, and we just played for 20 minutes without stopping, and it turned into something beautiful toward the end," he said of the two's first meeting.

And so the improv duo was born.

"Everything that you hear that happens, you won't hear again," he said. "We don't plan anything out; we just play off each other the whole time. We don't know what's happening any more than you do."

This is, he said, the group's second appearance at Emerge Oregon; they last played the July show.

"It was a great experience," he said. "And this thing coming up featuring the kids -- that's something I haven't really heard of, ever, to focus on imagination, from the fridge to the gallery floor." or (503) 399-6743

Emerge Oregon Art Series

When: 7 to 10 p.m. Friday; the bands will play until 11 p.m.

Where: Coffee House Cafe, 135 Liberty St. NE

Admission: Free for spectators

Information: Go to or call (503) 798-0771

Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. - Statesman Journal 12/2/10

"Art series lets youth get in on action"

A colorful narrative on Deklun and Pace and their musical contribution to this unique monthly art series. - Statesman Journal

"Haiti Benefit: Fogatron, Freak Funk, The Manimal House, Get Down Jones, Mean Satisfaction, Climatize, Tony Smiley, Deklun & Pace, Olina, Sallo"

FEB 20. This press release was published just before the first live performance of Deklun and Pace. "There are a handful of new names here, including interesting Portland-transplanted laptop-and-trumpet duo Deklun & Pace..." CASEY JARMAN. - Willamette Week

"Wet weather can't derail teammates in [Mt. Baker] Hill Climb"

See photo caption. Taken during the morning serenade of Ride 542. Deklun and Pace did all they could to motivate riders waiting in the cold wind and rain preparing to ascend the twenty-plus mile stretch of highway that lay ahead. - The Bellingham Herald

"I would rather be in the place your music takes me"

Click the headline to read the full story on what makes this duo stand out. - Portland State University Vanguard


Music Road



We have created a page on Facebook to better foster fans to our movement. No worries if you aren't a part of the club as our site is accessible by all regardless of your social networking standing, to include free downloads of our music. Follow the link below to join our journey in sound as what we do is best inspired by the likes of you.

Some choice quotes of support both spoken aloud and shared in the guestbook:

"I want to live inside this music." --Salem, OR

"Is it possible for music to make you feel reflective, chill, & like you're the star in a spy thriller all at the same time? I LOVE IT." --Portland, OR

"Rediscovered the magic!" --Glacier, WA

"Listening to the computer and the trumpet play together...not really jazz but kind of. It's like 'Kind of Blue' for the next generation." --Portland, OR

"Mystic. Like a great martini. I love it. I want a CD!" --Glacier, WA

"Hey you guys are great. I loved the way your music moved through the room. It was a really different sound. Can't wait to listen to your CD." --Newberg, OR

"Enjoyed your music and rhythm. It was a new experience for me." --Portland, OR

"Your music is Euphoria - like an opioid mystical high without the drug. I love it; thanks for playing." --Portland, OR

"Your music grabs the beat of the heart and makes it beat with joy! I love the rhythms that change and evolve! The trumpet adds to the flow and fills the gaps, completing the experience. Keep evolving, I love listening to you!" --Portland, OR

"The soundtrack to my mid-1970s technicolor sexcapade!" --Portland, OR

"Contemplative, dreamy, astral." --Portland, OR

"Quite thought provoking and relaxing at the same time. The transitions from each feeling were smooth and spiritual. You gave me chills! Dropped me down picked me up in a gentle rollercoaster of serenity. Thank you!" --Portland, OR

"You would imply certain melodies but not finish them...but they would finish. In my mind." --Portland, OR

"Dark alleyways lit by amber glow. The notes flow like rainwater from a black umbrella. The contents of my back pocket contains something I'd rather not tell. Ethereal? No. Bleak? No. Beautiful? Yes." --Portland, OR

"I loved the passion of your music. I felt relaxed/joyful." --Newberg, OR

"This is the second set we have caught. Your music is, for me, tranquilly motivating. Thank you both." --Portland, OR

"Spaciousness and improvisation creates an inspiring backdrop to wine and conversation." --Portland, OR

"Playing pool by your set I felt electrified. Your sound really pulses through the soul. Keep playing. At one point, I swear to God, I felt like I was in Miami. For what that's worth. The transitions are seamless and the trumpet is so well-timed. This is much more than 'the statement' ya'll asked for. But let me tell you, it made me feel: honeyed. smooth. legubrious. (sp?) The atmosphere was thick, wet, dark, and 'dive'-y. Well-composed. I give you both credit." --Portland, OR

"Relaxed, but excited." --Salem, OR

"Great music - had a meditative afternoon listening to you guys play - very very nice - I want to hear more." --Portland, OR

"Tantric and ethereal. A constant breath of fresh air. Like lying naked in a forest at night, far away from 'real life,' and breathing for the first time." --Portland, OR

"The trumpet is the perfect organic sound to meet the electronic synthesized sound. Instead of clashing they greet each other on another plane. Each sound allows you to move freely and explore the other sound. The music is living in the moment, it is here and now. Constructed and Deconstructed as it passes. Urgent without being desperate. Purposeful without being preachy. Drifting and free but not lost." --Portland, OR

"It's like music to [procreate] by." --Salem/Portland, OR

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