Power Metal with pulse-pounding riffs, crazy time signatures and a vicious vocal onslaught. Which creates a musical euphoria of madness and insanity, with break downs to boot!!!


De-KreP-iT is a four piece Heavy Metal ensemble based out of the city of Tacoma, Wa. Corey Stanton (drums), Haus Herrington (guitar/vocals) and Paul Brown (bass) assembled in the summer of 1999 in the basement of Haus’s parent’s house.
Starting out as an instrumental three piece, they started practicing religiously at least two times a week jamming and writing songs. Striving to set themselves apart from the mainstream, they were not afraid to take their song writing in multiple directions.
Playing at house party’s for the first two years was their main source of a live performance, since Haus and Corey were fresh out of high school. Realizing the more times they played live that vocals could take the live performance and the song writing to another level, Corey stared as the lead vocalist having experience singing in choir in high school in addition to still playing the drums, with Paul as back up vocals and Haus doing some verses and back up vocals as well. They quickly created a signature three part vocal in which they each had separate rhythms all going on simultaneously! In witch they still incorporate in the writing process today.
In 2002 they hit the studio for the first time to record a self produced five song demo. Just making copies at home there were only a couple hundred produced and distributed. After circulating the demo around town De-KreP-iT gained recognition with local venues and started performing around the Tacoma / Seattle area.
In 2003 Corey wanted to focus more on drumming so they began auditioning for a Lead vocalist. Quickly after putting an add out in the weekly local paper they found Bart Carter for the position. In less than a years time (2004) they were back in the studio recording their second demo. Still self produced and distributed there was a bigger circulation of about 500 CD’s. Performing consistently through 2003 – 2005, De-KreP-iT’s local fan base increased rapidly. They had no problem booking shows with recognized local bands at any local venue. At the end of 2005 Bart left De-KreP-iT on mutual terms.
Looking for a replacement Lead vocalist they found Kris Capitilo in early 2006. Performing through most of 2006 with Kris, his different vocal approach and stage performance didn’t quite mesh with what De-KreP-iT was trying to portray. So once again they set out to find the right vocalist for the job.
In late 2006 Tim Cornelius (TJ) joined as the Lead Vocalist. A very close friend from high school who actually lived with Haus at the time of De-KreP-iT’s conception and had already performed some cover songs at parties back in the early days of De-KreP-iT. Also doing a lot of the art work in the earlier years and recording a bongo track on the first 2002 demo.
With TJ being such a good friend and already having a strong desire to be apart of De-KreP-iT, they had no problem writing new vocal parts and hitting the studio to record another demo right away in early 2007 (just a couple of months after he joined!). Self produced and distributed with the album artwork professionally drawn by Andrew Wood (Woodsaw) and with a thousand copies professionally duplicated in late 2007 this is by far their most professional and complete demo to date.
As for the present, De-KreP-iT’s new material and stage show (having performed hundreds upon hundreds) far exceeds their past and with TJ in the band it was as if they were reborn. Just in the first year they are landing bigger gigs and performing with national touring acts.
They still practice religiously with very few breaks and they know the sky’s the limit and De-KreP-iT will continue to progress and grow into a monstrosity of originality.


2008- Five song Demo

2004- Four song demo

2002-Five song demo

Set List

Our set list is as follows;
Black Cloud
Mass Effect
In no particular order, ranging from 35-45 minutes with a few other songs that can be added as well. As far as covers we put on an annual Dimebag Darrel (Pantera) Tribute Show and Cassie Eats Cockroaches (Acid Bath).