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Vienna, Vienna, Austria | INDIE

Vienna, Vienna, Austria | INDIE
Band World EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Overview: Press Reviews 2007"

Please find a collection of press reviews at www.chatchapeau.com/press/Deladap_Presseclipp07wmx.pdf - chat chapeau



Cigani Ruzsa + Angelo : 2004 | CD, LP,
Special Edition-Remastered 2 Bonus Tracks
Chat Chapeau Nouveau / 2011
LC-09515 CCR-023-2

Dela Paji : 2006 | CD, edition, Chat Chapeau Nouveau
LC-9515 CCR-002-5

Sara La Kali : 2008 | CD, Chat Chapeau Nouveau
LC-09515 CCR-019-2

I Know What You Want: 2012 | CD, Chat Chapeau Nouveau


Amaro Shavo : 2003 | Maxi-CD, 12-Vinyl, ecco.chamber
Amaro Shavo Remixed : 2003 | 12-Vinyl, ecco.chamber
Angelo : 2004 | Maxi-CD, 12-Vinyl, ecco.chamber
Jeg Tan + Zsa Manca : 2005 | Maxi-CD, 12-Vinyl, chat chapeau
Dela Paji : 2006 | Maxi-CD, 12-Vinyl, chat chaepau
Lautlos feat. voice & musicians of the 17 Hippies: 2006 | Maxi-CD, 12-Vinyl, chat chapeau
Lisa Lisa : 2008 | Maxi-CD, chat chaepau
Kaj tu Salas : 2008 | Maxi-CD, chat chaepau
Gipsy Kicks : 2011 | Maxi-CD, chat chaepau

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Balkan Beats Vol. 2 (Eastblok)
OST KLUB - Kapitel 1 (chat chapeau)
FM4 Soundselection Vol.10 (Sony)
Gypsy Garden Vol.2 (Clubstar)
Guestlist (Poets Club Rec.)
Latin Vibes(Mettle Music)
Solaja Session 2(G-Rex)
Globalibre (Audiopharm)
The Sound of Milano Fashion 3 (qool d:vision)
Cafe Solaire 7 (SoulStar)



!DelaDap could have taken „Conversations Of A Music Group“ as the new title of their fourth album, but it was lacking the punch of „I Know What You Want“ (besides being too laid-back to fit these lively sounds!). The title of the new album speaks for itself and offers an insight into the process that led to these 11 new songs.

Yes, of course there was a lot of hard work involved on the behalf of Vienna-based DJ, producer and musician Stani Vana and the stellar cast of musicians, many of them coming from neighbouring countries like Hungary or Serbia and sharing a historical connection with Austria´s capital that has lately developed into a vibrant and diverse cultural melting pot.

Besides all the work involved, there was also a lot of playfulness. The song-titles and lyrics are inspired by the light-hearted conversations between vocal takes, when Melinda Stoika took cues from Vana´s comments. „Let´s Go Inside“ may have been said when Melinda reentered the vocal booth, but it soon took a life of its own. A perfect setting for !DelaDap ´s music, which started bringing Eastern European music and modern/urban club sounds together in 2004 and has ever since evolved into the unique and life-affirming music you are about to hear.

!DelaDap are: Stani Vana – Dj / Melinda Stoika – Voc. / Aleksandar Stojic – Git. / Alen Dzambic – Acc. / Rainer Gutternigg – Trump. / Benjamin Angerer – Bass / Simon Plötzeneder – Trump. / Matthias Auinger – Drums //