De La Montaña

De La Montaña

 Berlin, Berlin, DEU

Our group is an international project. We combine elements of Motown, tropical rhythms, and European Synth Pop into a uniquely honest package. You can jive to the music, but beyond that, the detailed lyrics and songwriting will keep the record on repeat.


Musician Madison Velding-VanDam grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a college town outside of Detroit. The rich musical roots of Midwestern America, like Motown, the Stooges, and indie-rock, set the backdrop until he chose to finish his Bachelor's of Philosophy from the University of Michigan abroad in Santiago, Chile.

Instead of spending his time devoting his time solely to studying in South America, Madison immersed himself in Chile’s electronic cumbia scene and the tightly knit artist’s community. There, he first witnessed the international influence of Detroit techno, another genre from home he knew little about. Meanwhile, clubs and radio bombarded him with 80s pop, like Depeche Mode, New Order, and Peter Gabriel. The intensity of this musical transition inspired De La Montaña's first record, "Postmodern Whirled," which is an account of the excitement and isolation of being a conspicuous "gringo" in a South America.

Another continent shift and De La Montaña now bases their international and postmodernist take on synth pop in Berlin, and performs with members from the Netherlands, England, Australia and the United States.


"Postmodern Whirled" (2011) - 12 Song LP (Online streaming available)

For pay as you wish on bandcamp

"City Slicker" (2011) - 2 Song Vinyl .45 (33rpm Records - To Be Released)

Limited 100 edition, silk screened vinyl available for purchase online and in record stores

Set List

City Slicker
Golden Soul
Money Hungry Astronauts
Pity Party
Dawn of the Townie

Batty Haus
Billy Graham Stole My Girl

Between 30-45 minutes