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"Delaney brings fabulous tunes to Salem"

“The band's sound is a mixture of Portland-style eccentric pop-rock with notes of Weezer-like indie humor and the warm, likeable sound of bands such as Rooney.”
-- Michelle Theriault
1/11/2007 - Salem Statesman Journal - Salem, OR

"It's No Wonder, It's Delaney"

"When Delaney takes the stage at the Ash Street Saloon for their first show in Portland, their new hometown, it is with the same nonchalance with which they waited to start their set.
But as they begin playing, the band transforms into a stomping, shaking, rock machine that clearly has the peices put together int he right places.
Throughout the show the band looks euphoric, fueling a solid hour of energetic rock music that culminates in both guitarist/vocalist Lee barbara and bassist/vocalist Bobby Seus kneeling on the stage practically terrorizing thier instruments, and Mike Maimone jumping over his keyboards - only to turn around and continue playing.
The band may be young, but it is clear from their live show that they are doing exactly what they are meant to do.
Their live show is a genuine argument that our lives are predetermined. Watching them it is easy to imagine a higher power leading these four men to meeting one another and forming this band."
-Ryan Bradley
Oct. 20, 2006 - Pacific University Index

"Delaney - 2006 Demo Review"

"Included in the best press package I’ve yet to receive is a demo from a fun little band by the name of Delaney. It’s hard for me to consider myself a fan of the supposed “West Coast Rock”, but at some point through the four songs featured the band seemingly won my ears over. No elaborate introduction needed here, for Delaney doesn’t dwell on the residual feelings following a breakup or deep looks at the world around us. They do keep it practical and an easy listen through and through, however, which is all some people really need in the end.

The demo itself screams 50’s rock ‘n roll. Though Delaney are spotted as to having similarities to Weezer, Phantom Planet, and Fountains of Wayne, their demo seems to dig deeper in a particular era than any of the previously mentioned forebearers. Even their lyrics take a trip back on some occasions: “You tried to play me just like Donkey Kong/You fell so right but now I know it’s wrong”. Besides the album’s header “The Stuff” and the Pale Pacific comparisons that will fall with it, the rhythm section’s jazzy strides, Big-Band style drum-play, and careful yet slick guitar strums will definitely sound relatively new, being sidelined to more sugarcoated power pop and all. You’ll catch the band’s drift right around the song “Stuck on Me”. Lee Barbara’s boyish vocals and lighthearted keyboard ups-and-downs make it a highlight of the demo.

Though this only being first recordings in anticipation for the band’s upcoming release, they sound polished enough to go straight to their debut full-length. “Arcade Song” in its video-game references through relationship metaphors and “Books and Broken Windows” retro rhythm-perspective, coupled with the above mentioned songs, make for a good representation of this already well-established indie-rock quartet."
--Scott Irvine
2/17/2007 - Webzine

"Breakout Band Alert"

"Delaney is finding its niche as a favorite on the campus rock scene. With influences like Coldplay, Weezer and Fountains of Wayne, the band’s dedication to the pop end of the music spectrum is evident. But the interplay of three songwriters and two vocalists also means that Delaney’s sound doesn’t stick around in one category for too long. Tracks like “On the Go” open a hushed, unassuming window into the softer side of a band that likes to rock but wouldn’t mind backing up your afternoon fantasies as well. Lyrically, they can make a love song out of a trip to the Arcade (“I spent an hour on the claw machine / I saved my tickets to by you a ring”).
There is a special type of enthusiasm infused into the live shows of bands riding high atop the first big wave of their careers. It’s almost a sure bet Delaney’s upcoming Eugene show will have that feel-good vibe."
-- Adrienne van der Valk
4/5/2007 - Eugene Weekly

"Traveling band"

"Maimone's melodic keyboard riffs add a Ben Foldsesque vibe to Delaney's music, while Seus and Barbara bring in a jazzy influence from their days playing in jazz bands together."

"[Their] debut album is about halfway done. Instead of flying, the band now has a van they'll drive to Chicago later this year, where they'll be recording and doing a small Midwestern tour.
In the meantime, Delaney is enjoying its home in Portland, where Maimone said the band's musical style has continued to solidify. 'We've kind of decided what we sound like and how we make the best music together,' he said. 'I think when we first started making music there wasn't really that focus. We still like to play ... acoustic shows, but on this tour if we just have an hour-long show we're gonna try to blow the roof off the place.' "

-- Leslie Escobar
4/19/2007 - The Californian's MBay Ink

"Oregon pop-rock band fun-loving road warriors"

"Their sound is a groovy mix of organ wails and progressive guitar chords, while Barbara and Seus share vocal duties. It's a radio-friendly brand of indie rock that is very accessible."

"The easy groove of "The Stuff" is cool enough to float on air. With dreamy guitar and organ melodies, the lyrics about trying to get the girl fit just right. On the even more spacey "Out of Time," elaborate chord changes and cool-sounding keyboards add up for a strong feature. The Monterey show should have plenty crowd-pleasers."

-- Marc Cabrera
4/19/2007 - Monterey Herald - Monterey, CA


2006 - Delaney (Self Titled EP)
2007 - Debut Album recording Feb/March at the IV lab, Chicago



Delaney is a pop-rock band based in Portland, OR. Dubbed “fun-loving road warriors” by the Monterey Herald, the group’s energetic live show and original sound has especially attracted a following among high school and college-age listeners. Portland State, St. Mary’s College, Fresno State and San Jose State are among the schools who have brought Delaney to campus on repeat occasions. Portland club venues the Hawthorne Theatre, Berbati’s Pan and McMenamin’s White Eagle have invited the band to perform on several occasions as well. Last Spring the group spent 5 weeks on the road touring west coast college venues, and upon returning to Portland began booking shows and preparing to hit the road again in the fall. Most recently, Delaney has been selected to showcase at the 2007 NACA West Regional Conference, is booking a fall tour stretching from San Diego to Cleveland (including a stop at the Lithia Motors Ampitheatre to open for Foreigner) and is in the back half of recording their independent debut album.

When they formed in January 2006, Delaney set about recording their first few songs and defining their sound. The resulting 8-track EP plays like a summertime road trip mix tape, displaying a wide variety of songwriting ability, and drawing from influences ranging from Nick Drake to Ok Go to the Beatles. Delaney released the EP on April 6th, 2006 to a sold out crowd as they opened for Epic recording artist Phantom Planet at St. Mary’s College in Indiana.

With three songwriters in the group, Delaney has already written an impressive catalog of music, and has road-tested their tunes to widespread approval. Their demo recordings of potential album tracks have received positive reviews in Two Louie’s Magazine of Portland and among others. Now with over a year’s experience in writing songs together, Delaney is carving a new niche in the pop/rock scene with their sound. Lyrically the songs are sometimes quirky, sometimes serious, and always honest. With two lead vocalists, Delaney drapes an assortment of catchy melodies over Elliott Smith-style harmonies. Musically, driving guitar and bass fuel Weezer-like rock tracks, while “Maimone’s melodic keyboard riffs add a Ben Foldsesque vibe,” according to Leslie Escobar of the Californian. The result is a unique style of fun and energetic pop/rock music.

In February, the band traveled to Chicago for the first of two recording sessions on their debut album. Working with Manny Sanchez at the IV Lab, the band is very excited with the progress made in the first 3 weeks, and plans on returning to the Midwest to finish tracking in August. The album will contain 12 songs when completed, and is scheduled for release late this fall.

Originally from various areas of the country, the band has found a welcoming home in the vibrant music scene of Portland. They have performed repeatedly at some of the Rose City’s most notable venues, and many popular local acts have invited them to share the stage. At live shows Delaney has earned praise for balancing beautiful melody and chaotic energy; they were described as “a stomping, shaking, rock machine that clearly has the peices put together in the right places” by Ryan Bradley of the Pacific University Index. These compliments may make the humble quartet blush, but they come well-deserved. The group fine-tunes their set and books shows during the day, and tirelessly promotes their gigs - handing out CDs and fliers - each night. Delaney hopes to reach increasingly more listeners with their music, and knows that as an independent band in today’s music industry, they have to be dedicated to be heard. With their debut album on the way, the hardworking group is primed for inclusion as a top independent band touring the nation.