Delaney is windows-down, summertime rock music with sing-along vocals and stick-in-your-head melody. Listeners get ready for a blast of energy, a fresh pop-rock sound, and a lot of fun!


Delaney is a pop-rock band based in Portland, OR. Dubbed “fun-loving road warriors” by the Monterey Herald, the group’s energetic live show and original sound has especially attracted a following among high school and college-age listeners. Portland State, St. Mary’s College, Fresno State and San Jose State are among the schools who have brought Delaney to campus on repeat occasions. Portland club venues the Hawthorne Theatre, Berbati’s Pan and McMenamin’s White Eagle have invited the band to perform on several occasions as well. Last Spring the group spent 5 weeks on the road touring west coast college venues, and upon returning to Portland began booking shows and preparing to hit the road again in the fall. Most recently, Delaney has been selected to showcase at the 2007 NACA West Regional Conference, is booking a fall tour stretching from San Diego to Cleveland (including a stop at the Lithia Motors Ampitheatre to open for Foreigner) and is in the back half of recording their independent debut album.

When they formed in January 2006, Delaney set about recording their first few songs and defining their sound. The resulting 8-track EP plays like a summertime road trip mix tape, displaying a wide variety of songwriting ability, and drawing from influences ranging from Nick Drake to Ok Go to the Beatles. Delaney released the EP on April 6th, 2006 to a sold out crowd as they opened for Epic recording artist Phantom Planet at St. Mary’s College in Indiana.

With three songwriters in the group, Delaney has already written an impressive catalog of music, and has road-tested their tunes to widespread approval. Their demo recordings of potential album tracks have received positive reviews in Two Louie’s Magazine of Portland and among others. Now with over a year’s experience in writing songs together, Delaney is carving a new niche in the pop/rock scene with their sound. Lyrically the songs are sometimes quirky, sometimes serious, and always honest. With two lead vocalists, Delaney drapes an assortment of catchy melodies over Elliott Smith-style harmonies. Musically, driving guitar and bass fuel Weezer-like rock tracks, while “Maimone’s melodic keyboard riffs add a Ben Foldsesque vibe,” according to Leslie Escobar of the Californian. The result is a unique style of fun and energetic pop/rock music.

In February, the band traveled to Chicago for the first of two recording sessions on their debut album. Working with Manny Sanchez at the IV Lab, the band is very excited with the progress made in the first 3 weeks, and plans on returning to the Midwest to finish tracking in August. The album will contain 12 songs when completed, and is scheduled for release late this fall.

Originally from various areas of the country, the band has found a welcoming home in the vibrant music scene of Portland. They have performed repeatedly at some of the Rose City’s most notable venues, and many popular local acts have invited them to share the stage. At live shows Delaney has earned praise for balancing beautiful melody and chaotic energy; they were described as “a stomping, shaking, rock machine that clearly has the peices put together in the right places” by Ryan Bradley of the Pacific University Index. These compliments may make the humble quartet blush, but they come well-deserved. The group fine-tunes their set and books shows during the day, and tirelessly promotes their gigs - handing out CDs and fliers - each night. Delaney hopes to reach increasingly more listeners with their music, and knows that as an independent band in today’s music industry, they have to be dedicated to be heard. With their debut album on the way, the hardworking group is primed for inclusion as a top independent band touring the nation.


Books and broken windows

Written By: Delaney

The clock is singing in a voice so low,
that you'll be getting here an hour ago,
and when you get here I'll have lots to show,
collections of books and broken windows.

I keep your letter in a dresser drawer,
beneath the keys that I don't use no more,
reminds me of the winter from the year before,
when I threw rocks rocks up at your window.

It seems a little bit strange that when you develop pictures all the faces they change.
The old reflections of the people that have come and gone.

The citys sleeping in a bed of streets,
comfortably resting in its late night sheets,
the snow is crumpling under christmas feet,
by the church with the stain glass windows.
The clock is singing in a voice so loud,
that you'll come running through the station crowd,
while I'm at home watching the midnight clouds,
writing songs by my bedroom window.

It seems a little bit strange that when you develop pictures all the faces they change.
The old reflections of the people that have come and gone.

Drinking all the wine,
and wasting my time.
Standing in a line,
for a face that's so fine,
I want to be the light,
that shines.


2006 - Delaney (Self Titled EP)
2007 - Debut Album recording Feb/March at the IV lab, Chicago

Set List

Our typical show is between one and two hours, and features just about all original music.
We have played as short as 30 minutes as an opener, and a solid set of original music can fill almost 2 hours. If need be, we have a large repertoire of covers to fill over 3 hours total.
In terms of covers, almost anything is fair game but we mostly pick favorite selections from classic rock artists such as the Beatles, as well as more contemporary rock ranging from Wilco to Weezer.