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Manchester, New Hampshire, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Manchester, New Hampshire, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Rock Indie





Bringing a pop-punk-meets-emo vibe influenced by bands such as Jimmy Eat World and Jack’s Mannequin, this New Hampshire group radiate an airy sound perfect for summer listening. Their recent EP, A Small Remaining Quantity Of Something, highlights their penchant for addictive hooks, lush vocal harmonies and ambient string layers. - Alternative Press

"Delaney is not afraid to mix it up in new record "A Small Remaining Quantity of Something""

Manchester, New Hampshire, group Delaney has a new record that explodes with all the emocore goodness you desire for a celebratory weekend. A Small Remaining Quantity of Something contains tracks like “The Ghost of Better Times,” which pops with mighty harmonizing choruses, drum fills for days and even atmospheric breaks for a breather before the mosh madness. The group goes beyond the garage aesthetic with layered tracks like “Thief,” which add piano embellishments to back the melodic vocals, soaked in melancholy, and, yes, the song erupts too. “Broken” is no-holds-barred rock and roll, showcasing the versatility that has always made emocore a beloved and seemingly unforgettable music genre. For a weekend to remember stream A Small Remaining Quantity of Something below. - Rene Cobar - The Deli Magazine

"REVIEW: Delaney 'A Small Remaining Quantity of Something'"

Southern New Hampshire natives Delaney first sparkled on to the pop-punk/alternative music scene in 2016, with dreams of making a dent in the music genre and carving their unique path to greatness that fans would remember. Delaney proved they had a unique and ear-grabbing sound with the release of Kites Without A String, a dazzling EP that created a soundscape of captivating hooks, immersive guitar work, profound lyricism, and enveloping rhythms. Kites Without A String's organic sound would create waves for their next and newest EP release this year, A Small Remaining Quantity of Something which debuted June 26th.
The EP starts with a breezy and beautifully put together opening track "The Ghost Of Better Times." With sun-soaked guitar riffs, entrancing piano work, and lively percussive elements, it’s a calm yet robust experience for what's to come on the rest of A Small Remaining Quantity of Something.
Ambient, echoing guitar work and vocals coats the next track "Busy Hands." Though the start of this experience is serene, it effortlessly merges into a kinetic burst of guitar riffs and vigorous drum work, sewing together a perfect mix of spry and reposeful elements to prepare us for the golden track of the EP "Thief."

"Thief" is where the lyricism and vocal presence are at their finest. Stratified vocals intermingling with deliciously crafted harmonies and brilliant use of atmospheric eventide instrumentals create one of the best melodic highlights on the EP bar none.

While "Thief" is a beautiful track, "Broken" also stands out among the rest. Quite easily one of the most gravid tracks on A Small Remaining Quantity of Something, it's an intense guitar and drum experience compared to its counterparts. While an unexpected twist, it shows the band is capable of treading on harder territories should the opportunity arise for future projects.
We then come to the gorgeous closing track "Do You Want To Be Afraid." With zesty guitar riffs, bouncy piano keystrokes, and reverberating drums, it is the perfect ending to a fantastic listening experience that will leave fans replaying this over and over again for a long time.

A Small Remaining Quantity of Something is a small EP that packs a big punch. With the ingenious use of multiple genres, instrumental creativity, and use of brightly layered vocals throughout, this EP is going to get Delaney some much-needed attention, as this isn't a band anyone should sleep on any time soon. - Scene Daddy

"Review: DELANEY – A Small Remaining Quantity of Something"

Delaney is a four-piece pop rock/alternative rock band hailing from southern NH. They were my choice for the last NH State of the Art and I have continued to follow their fortunes closely since then.

Their music is a cathedral of the caustic, combined with the sweet dew of self-awareness. Consisting of members Matt (lead vocals/guitar/piano), Kurt (drums), Andy (bass/backing vocals) and Derek (guitar), Delaney draws much of their influences from early 2000’s rock/emo bands such as The Dangerous Summer, Jack’s Mannequin and Jimmy Eat World.

The band spent their first year and a half building a following across NH and MA until releasing their debut EP ‘Kites Without String’ in May of 2018. Since then, the band have continued to play across the northern New England area and is scheduled to release their second E.P. ‘A Small Remaining Quantity of Something’ on June 26, 2020.

This release is a cathartic release from the current turmoil in the world. It chases away the blues with its insistent drive to uplift with crunchy guitars and lush keyboards. The opener “The Ghost of Better Times” is a positive call to bring back normality to the world. The drum sound is full and direct and Matt’s vocals are strong and melodic. Yes, this is no Death Metal fare, but it rocks and uplifts in a potent mix.

“Busy Hands” has chiming guitar and a laid back vibe that ushers in the long summer nights. You can imagine a warm evening playing this song on your porch and looking at the glistening stars. It is a song about reflection and soul searching, which is something I can identify with.

“Thief” swims in on a lead piano and guitar mix. The background vocals on this lend themselves to serious grooving. The guitars hit with emo intent and the song documents personal struggles. The guitar solo on this song is subtle, but strong.

The E.P. continues the high quality with the dampened chords of “Disease – Deliverance.” This song seems so poignant at the moment, celebrating lives that have passed. The cloud of COVID-19 seems to haunt the lines. Of course, I am not sure it does mean this, but it seems to refer to this pandemic.

“Broken” is the main rocker on the release, with its urgent fuzz guitar and faster tempo. It is a shot of adrenaline and a great song. The chorus is killer and the vocals again deliver with the energy of the tune.

The release is rounded out by the single “Do You Want To Be Afraid” which is catchy and full of emotion. “Can’t seem to shake these inhibitions” – you and me brother! Completely sold on this composition, with its heart-held exposition.

What can I say? Legendary stuff from a band who just seem to get better and better! Check them out as soon as possible! - Metal Nexus

"TNF Premiere: Delaney – “Do You Want To Be Afraid?”"

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. While there’s plenty to be said for modern bands that draw influence from the music of the past, there are also unfortunately quite a few bands that fail to become more than a half-rate clone of the scene they’re trying to emulate.

Thankfully, Delaney is not that band. The 4-piece alt-rock band from New Hampshire might be a newer band on the scene, but their music – which draws from the likes of The Dangerous Summer and Jack’s Mannequin – is on par with the bands that influence them. We’re stoked to be teaming up with the band for the premiere of their new song, “Do You Want To Be Afraid?”. Fans of pop-punk and Jimmy Eat World will want to pay close attention to what this promising band is doing, and fast. - New Fury Media

"State of the Art: New Hampshire's Delaney"

This is what I absolutely LOVE about writing for Metal Nexus – the discovery of bands with whom I fall in love with. From the wonderfully brutal Space Cadaver (New Orleans) to the rock tight rockers the Granite Saints (Hawai) to New Hampshire’s pop rockers Delaney.

Delaney are a four piece from Manchester, NH. They are comprised of Matt Gennetti on vocals/guitar/piano, Kurt Pinette on drums, Andy Mallett on bass/vocals and Derek Heidemann on guitar. Their music is pop punk/rock/alternative and they produce one of the most beautiful sonic soundscapes in the musical universe. Evocative, pulsating and melodic, there is a power that transcends the normal expectations of your average listener.

They have released just one EP, ‘Kites Without String’ and this is enough to convince me that they have a bright future ahead, if they choose to make music their life mission.

The EP is a six song collection of music that has become my safe haven from the chaos of the world. I have listened to this quite a bit since I found it on Bandcamp. The songs are seductive. They charm and enthrall with equal measure. I am sure that some Metal Nexus readers may find them too lightweight, but making time for these magical melodies will reduce blood pressure and make you feel happier!

The collection has its rockier moments with “Architect of Shame” having a hook like Rocky Balboa and guitars to the fore. This song is a standout moment with its pop punk feel.

I love the warm sound of the production and the whole upbeat whimsy of the release makes the serotonin stream in bursts of pleasure. There are moments of bliss in these grooves, including the piano-driven opener “Twenty-One Reasons” and the cinematic “Down To The Lions“. Wonderful stuff!

Reduce your blood pressure. Increase your serotonin. Smile more. Delaney are here to deliver you from the horrors of modern life. - Metal Nexus

"Delaney - Kites Without String"

Delaney is a four-piece pop rock/emo band formed in late 2016. Based out of southern New Hampshire, Delaney gigged around the area before taking to the studio to record Kites Without String. The debut album was released in May of 2018, bringing a fresh take to the sound of emo through innovative use of song structure and instrumentation. Across several points on Kites Without String, it was apparent that Delaney was ready to color outside of the lines to paint a brighter picture.

The use of the piano as a featured instrument and not just another member of the rhythm section is what made “Twenty-One Reasons” an instant repeat. There is a no-nonsense feel to the way the instrument is used. Its playing is calculated and precise. There is presence through the whole song, adding height and weight to the sound of the choruses and carrying the melody of the verses. It’s not entirely unheard of, but it isn’t very often that a band with this kind of sound will use a piano.

It’s even better that Delany used it fittingly to create an impressive lead track for Kites Without String. “Cold” and “Seasons” run together as one song over two tracks. The continuity adds emphasis to the fact that the two separate tracks feed off of one another. “Cold” is a strong foundation for the extended adventure that “Seasons” becomes.

The sound of emo has been heard through the mainstream and a little under it more than ever in the last decade. Delaney brings new ideas and fresh energy into the sound. Song structure, as well as instrument choice, are strong and decisive. The lyrics are illustrious and filled to the brim with lines that are open to interpretation, making it easy on a listener to feel like they can understand what’s going on.

​Kites Without String rocks hard, has some catchy lines to sing with, and it’s a fun bunch of tracks to listen to. Fans of emo should put Kites Without String at the top of their new listening list. ​ - Divide and Conquer


Delaney is an Emo Rock band from Manchester, NH that was formed in the summer of 2016. They recently debuted their first EP “Kites Without String” on 5/18. I have been digging around looking for a band that has the Jack’s Mannequin vibe of the 2007 era for awhile, and they are it.

Delaney is perfect for fans of Something Corporate, The Starting Line, or Mae. - The Aging Scene Kid


Kites Without Strings (released May 4, 2018)

  1. Twenty-One Reasons
  2. Architect of Shame
  3. Farva
  4. Down to the Lions
  5. Cold
  6. Seasons

Live at Revelry Studios (released December 21, 2018)

  1. Busy Hands (live)
  2. Twenty-One Reasons (live)

A Small Remaining Quantity of Something (released June 26, 2020)

  1. The Ghost of Better Times
  2. Busy Hands
  3. Thief
  4. Disease/Deliverance
  5. Broken
  6. Do You Want to Be Afraid?



Delaney is a four-piece pop rock/alternative rock band hailing from southern NH. First emerging on the music scene in late 2016, their music features catchy hooks, ambient guitar work, emotional lyricism, and driving rhythms. Consisting of members Matt (lead vocals/guitar/piano), Kurt (drums), Andy (bass/backing vocals) and Derek (guitar), Delaney draws much of their influences from early 2000's rock/emo bands such as The Dangerous Summer, Jack's Mannequin, and Jimmy Eat World. Delaney spent their first year and a half as a band building a following across NH and MA until releasing their debut EP "Kites Without String"  in May of 2018. Since then, the band continued to play across the northern New England area until releasing their second EP “A Small Remaining Quantity of Something” on June 26, 2020.

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