Delaney Rose

Delaney Rose


Delaney Rose is inspiring to hear; her lyrics are hopeful, positive and engaging as she emphasizing through her melodies that ‘we are never alone’.


Delaney Rose, will be launching her new CD titled, “Naked” in 2010.
She released her debut album titled "Freedom" in 2003 featuring a brilliant compilation of original songs reflecting her strong purpose of healing.
Born and raised in Manitoba, Canada, Delaney experienced her first love affair with music at the age of 6 and then the dance began. It started with the exploration in her parent's attic, where she found a dusty old guitar that had only four strings. That old guitar evolved into her own six string guitar that no longer collects dust. Delaney discovered songwriting and secretly wrote her first song at 13 titled, “I Wish”; a song she kept to herself but inside she knew it wouldn’t be the last.
Newly married and consumed with her adult life, music remained a hidden chapter of her life.
Just after her marriage break up, while performing, she had an epiphany, music needed to be at the forefront of her life. That very next night, a near fatal car accident found her clinging to her every breath. From that point on Delaney emerged with a new sound that is hypnotic, breezy, and intensely personal.
She is now a genuine artist following her highest path to bring messages of light, hope and healing.
Delaney Rose’s star like qualities allow her to connect and share her strength and wisdom resonating through her performances.


EP "Evolving" CD "Freedom" and soon to be released "Naked"

Set List

I am currently performing sets including originals and covers back to back that include Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Neil Young, etc...