Delarosa is an entirely fresh raw sound that combines the styles of Rock, Jazz, Lounge, Latin and Ska into one. It's like taking one part The Cure mixing it with one part Manu Chao and giving it a splash of Frank Sinatra and Nirvana.


In the fall 1998 two gentlemen by the names of Noel Iribe (Vocals, Guitar) and Javier Guerrero (Bass) were cast in the same play called "Tortilla Moon". At the time both were studying and pursuing acting as a career at San Diego State University. Noel and Javier were the only two Latin guys in the cast so they immediately hit it off. Javier was cast in the play as a musician as well as Odd Job a small bit part while Noel was one of the lead players in the show playing the role of Don Alonso. Javier had been playing Guitar for about 6 years then and Noel had never picked up an instrument in his life. Noel was fascinated by the guitar and asked Javier to show him how to play. For the next two years Javier taught Noel the basics of guitar. Upon both graduating from the University in 2001 Noel and Javier took separate routes in life. Javier tried the Hollywood scene, later moving to Pennsylvania then ending up in London while Noel went to grad school for acting at UC Irvine. Through his years at Irvine Noel kept up with his playing and increased his skills dramatically but best of all he was blessed with the amazing talent of writing really sweet, catchy songs. In 2005 Noel found himself in Hollywood trying to make it as an actor but his real passion went into his music. In early January Noel sent an e-mail to Javier who he was living in London at the time. It stated that he was starting a band and that he needed him to come back. Javier was thrilled by the message and on January 25th took a flight back to Los Angeles California. The two of them immediately started working on music. Javier was surprised at how much Noel had improved but most of all that Noel was able to write such brilliant songs. Within the next 12 months Noel and Javier worked together through thick and thin to make the band work gaining and losing members each month. Fortunately for the two they had a steady gig at the Universal Bar and Grill in North Hollywood that kept their fire alive. Today DELAROSA consists of four players and is making head way into the Los Angeles music scene and will soon be in headsets everywhere.


I'll sleep with my shirt

Written By: Noel Iribe

I'll sleep with my shirt on tonight because it smells like you.
I'll sleep with my shirt on tonight and dream of you. I'll sleep with my shirt on tonight the scent will take me to the night when I first kissed your lips under the moon.
I don't ever want to go away
If could just be with you one more day.
I don't ever want to go away
If I could just be with you night and day....
Con tus ojos cafes


(coming soon...)

Set List

Our set list is made up of 12 originals and 5 cover songs. Each show lasts a little under 2 hours with a 15 minute break.
Our originals include:
1. From Another Time (S.S.D.)
2. Insecure
3. Mar Y Sol
4. I'll Sleep with My Shirt On
5. Anabel Lee
6. Work on Your Skin
7. Ballad of J.Coon
8. La Ballena
9. Someday
10. Road that Never Ends
11. Dark House
12. Time Has Proved Me Wrong

Our covers include:
1. 3 imaginary Boys (The Cure)
2 Where is My Mind (The Pixies)
3. Talk Tonight (Oasis)
4. Just Like Heaven (The Cure)
5. Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong)