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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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"Rattlin' Cages" LP released in late 2006 on Blunt City Muzik (ASCAP).

Singles planned for upcoming release:
"No Lighters" (Radio Version Available)
"Fly Love Song"
"Southern Bells"


Feeling a bit camera shy


About Delavego
"Delavego is not just another M.C. He is a self-made M.C. One to be reconded with", quotes his fans as well as close friends. Captivating the listener's ear almost instantaneously with nothing but raw talent and life filled lyrics, Delavego has been compared to such greats as Biggie, Jay-Z, T.I., Nas, as well as many other famous flow flippers. Discovering his talent as early as the age as 11 was when he answered his calling. Staying underground for many years honing his skill and developing his flow, he studied lyricists, (not rappers) from coast to coast, midwest as well as the south during an era when hip hop was alive and well....the 90s'. He studied hit makers. Not going by top 40s or radio standards, but his very own standards of selected hit makers. "The 90s' was a time when you could go to the record store and buy almost every new release without having to listen to it first because most of the albums released were fill with original lyrics, style, talent, and music", says Delavego. "This M.C. chooses to represent that original style of good music and lyrics without all the flash, just real street everyday shit that everyday people can relate to". During his teenage years as well as his early twenties, he spent countless man hours in ciphers playfully defeating rappers obvioulsy not of his caliper amlost immediately standing out to be someone worth listening to. While in his youth he attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he excelled in music studies as well as his other subjects. He also attended Miles College with the ambition to be something serious in the music industry. It was after he ran into financial difficulty paying for his education is when he enlisted in the United States Navy and served 4 years seeing the world for himself. This open door to the world travelling to almost every major city in the Contential U.S. really gave Delavego the chance to experience hip hop for himself 1st hand. After coming out of the Navy with numerous flawless victories under his belt from various rappers around the world is when he went to start a partnership with his brother, Kareem who had already planted the seed for music to take off in the crime infested City of Bessemer, Alabama all the while he was away in the military. After establishing the partnership, Blunt City Muzik was born. The two brothers both released underground solo albums which established them both to be veterans in the music profession. "Our mission is to bring back real hip hop like the music we grew up on like U.G.K, Ball & G, just real rida shit and do away with all these cookie-cut so called M.Cs who all sound alike with no originality or style. We want to be examples of how to do that". -Delavego