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Paris, Île-de-France, France | INDIE

Paris, Île-de-France, France | INDIE
Band Folk Acoustic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"KeyBoard Recording"

« Doctor FLAKE a nourri ses machines de chair humaine...
Vale Poher mériterait de s’appeler Vale Power tant son
chant illumine ces abysses… Même si l’ambiance reste
sombre, la face pop de Doctor FLAKE continue de gagner
du terrain… Ne le laisser pas jouer avec votre cerveau, il
en prendrait le contrôle. »
JD Beauvallet / Les Inrocks / Mars 2009
« … L’ensemble sonne l’heure de la consécration… »
Mowno/Mai 2009
«Doctor Flake, c’est la précision mêlée à la finesse.».
Musiqualité / Mars 2007
« Une production divine à faire palir Massive Attack.»
Trax / Février 2007
« Doctor Flake opère les sons au scalpel et réalise un abs-
tract hip-hop obscur et classe ou s’entremêlent thème mé-
lancolique et rage sourde. Le fils spirituel de Dj Shadow.»
Keyboard recording / Juillet 2005
- KeyBoard Recording




White Folk with Black Groove.
Delbi, as a solo project from his beginning in 2008, made his live music by using loop and multi-effects on stage, while playing guitar, keyboards, percussions and singing.
Influenced by old blues style and music from the 70's, his voice reminds artists as Jeff Buckley or Tom Yorke, and his playing touch has been compared to Ben Harper or John Butler.
Delbi's songs are built to put the musical vibration as the first ground, his warm and sensitive tales are progressive and improvisation is always required.
As a one man band, Romain Delebarre aka Delbi played around 200 gigs in France until 2010, and has been helped and supported by several northern structures (he lives in Lille, North of France) until the french medias and professionals started to get an interest in his music.

He then opened the project to three musicians, and the band worked on the original songs, giving them a live energy driving to a rock n'roll and powerfull show.

Delbi has played in opening of: Hawksley Workman, Nervous Cabaret, Okou, The Sweet Vandals, Lucky Peterson, Trigger Finger...