Del Bono

Del Bono


pure, straightforward, old-fashioned rock 'n roll


DelBono started the first time around back in 1999, when lead singer Bill and drummer Anthony met at a party, and decided to put together a band. Bill brought in his cousin Will to play bass, and Anthony brought in his cousin Mark to play some guitar. Unfortunately, the band would only have a brief tenure, officially going on hiatus only a year or so after formed. Things turned around, however, in 2003 when the guys decided to reunite and get back to doing what they do best - making music. Soon, they would record their first full-length album, "Waiting for Freedom," acquiring rhythm guitarist Mikey V. along the way. They now play whenever, wherever possible, and look to put on the best musical experience possible.


Del Bono - "Waiting for Freedom," 2005.

Set List

range from 45 minute original sets to 3 hour marathons of covers and originals