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The best kept secret in music


"Review of "Hole" from Later Than Usual"

"The first thing that strikes me about "Hole," and the entire CD for that matter, is how professional it sounds. You guys are obviously attuned to the fact that it's important to strive for the highest quality in both the way you play you music and the way you present it to the public. "Hole" is a solidly written song, with a memorable melody, an expressive vocal, and an engaging melody. The band sounds very tight and in sync with one another, and I have a feeling you probably sound pretty smoking in a live context." -

""A package of musical talent that begs to be listened to." - Review of Later Than Usual"

Deleveled mixes quality lyrics, creativity, musicianship and humor to create their release, Later Than Usual. The near minute-long intro is hilarious and immediately draws the listener in. Once they've got you hooked, they go into a serious war-themed song, entitled Battle Lines which ends with a blazing guitar solo. The band keeps the listener on his toes by never allowing him to know what's next. Going Blind sounds like something you might hear on the radio today and think to yourself "Man, I LIKE that!" and songs like Emptiness and Time On will have you humming along. Rose Petals & Morphine has a sensual sound to it and The Cold is one of those songs that's sure to make you think and flood you with memories. Hole is bursting with emotion and full of sincerity and truthfulness. But don't think these guys don't have a funny side -- there are definitely some funny momentss that lighten things up and will have you grinning. *Hint -- don't stop the CD as soon as it's over...there might be a little something extra!* Later than Usual is definitely worth the near 40 minutes it encompasses and leaves you hungry for more!
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Later Than Usual - Released April 19 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


Quench your thirst with lyrics brimming over with power and meaning. Open your ears and heed the strumming, soothing soul of guitar. Feel the rhythmic, pulsating sensation of bass and drums. Use your senses. This is Deleveled -- ready to greet the masses with its own brand of music. Deleveled packages poignant gut-wrenching lyrics, execution of guitar riffs that rivals perfection, bass that embodies soul, and drums that provide backbone and stability. Deleveled’s sound is genuine modern rock, with both thoughtful, sensuous songs that delve into the intricacies of relationships, as well as tunes with raw power, grit and emotion that cause a crowd to get to their feet and heads to nod in unison.

After forming in the spring of 2002, the members of Deleveled immediately set to work with a common goal: to create music. April 2003 marked the release of the group’s first CD, Later Than Usual, -- an impressively packaged 8-song disc. The band boasts an ever-growing catalog of songs, as the urgency to write is always present. With new material ready to be recorded, Deleveled is in the planning stages for a follow-up album. The band is currently playing live shows throughout the South East, garnering a fan base at each and every stop.

Ryan Hudson (vocals), Jeff Pitts (guitar), Lee Pridgen (drums) and Charles Julg (bass) are individuals with diverse musical backgrounds, but they share a love for making music and have their collective eye on success. Hudson is the sole lyricist, while the band creates music which is interwoven with his melodic lines. Hudson draws from a combination of life experience and creations of a vivid imagination to craft his lyrics. Pitts takes on the roles of rhythm and lead guitarist within the band, and he still believes in the power of the guitar solo. Pridgen and Julg round out Deleveled’s sound by providing the complementary rhythm.

"Deleveled writes straightforward, radio-friendly rock songs," said Justin Bailey in a review of Later Than Usual in the April 17, 2003 edition of The Florence Morning News. "The band’s sound is of the earnest, thought-provoking kind." Producer Kevin Smith worked with Deleveled on crafting the band’s debut CD. "The guys in Deleveled are rare -- really hard workers determined to see this project be the best it could be, which is not the norm for a lot of musicians I know. Everybody wants to be famous overnight, but few are willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears." In the fall of 2003, Deleveled received recognition in Columbia’s Free Times when the band earned the accolade for "Best CD" in the publication’s annual “Best of Columbia” search.

-Mary Dolan
Winthrop University, The Johnsonian