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No CDs or albums but we have recorded a two demo track which is on the myspace page. This was a home recording by ourselves. We are planning to do some studio recordings coming at the end of 2007 early 2008.



Branching from an array of diverse influences and backgrounds of not just musical but also cultural, each member of Delfene all share one thing in common… PASSION. A passion to play, write, sing and more importantly a passion to evolve into something different, but of course enjoying it in the progression for what it has always been about…the music!

Meet Delfene. Cris (Vox), Brenton (Drums), Kris (Lead Guitar) and Keith (Bass Guitar). Four strapping self motivated young lads, all unlike the other, talented and passionate musicians. Not new to the local scene, having such credits to bands like Varial, Driven by Deceit and Starcrossed Lovers, their intention this time around is to create a sound that is Unique, Fresh, Dynamic and anything unlike what is circling local stages right this moment.

As it were, Cris, Kris and Brenton broke away from the others after failed attempts through DBD and Starcrossed Lovers. They were from the beginning imperishable and together formed Delfene in early 2007. However finding a Bass player to fit into their already tight click and form the right combination of musicians proved harder than thought. With hopes fading of ever finding the perfect bass player to complete the band, some pursuing their own fleeting opportunities with other bands and projects, fate brought them back to the old jam room when Cris stumbled across Keith. Also a keen vocalist, Keith just so happen to be trying his hand in the Bass Guitar. He actually turned out to be pretty good (kidding!) and blended seamlessly into the mix fitting perfectly as the missing piece to the puzzle.

Rather than dwelling on the failed past, instead Delfene channelled their focus to the future and decided to create something original and fresh. Using the experience they had gained over the years including supporting such brother bands as Callerway and Elora Danan, while also broadening their musical minds, Delfene once more found their passion for music and hunger for success!

It seems all their persistence has finally paid off. After months of hard work developing a new and unique sound, more than 8 new songs under their belt and gigs lined up in the near future, Delfene are ready to conquer the local stage. Expect nothing less than some intensely solid beats, straight forward yet intricate guitar riffs and skilfully written lyrics reflecting life experience, social issues and of course love (aww). Add some energetic stage antics to the pot and this could be just the thing you’ve been looking for.