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"Flavors of kiwi-New Zealand-made band rocks Milly's"

If it sounds good unplugged in the open and exotic environment of New Zealand, then it’s got to sound good in Manchester.

The band Delhill, based in Massachusetts, came together after a voyage undertaken by two of the group’s current members to New Zealand.

Andrew Delcid (acoustic guitar and vocals), and James Rockpointe, (guitar and vocals), went to New Zealand and found themselves playing tunes for the locals. Deciding that they could win over crowds back home in America, they invited other musicians into the band.

Adding three more members — Tony Maiella on vocals and guitar, Freddy George, known as Freddy G, on bass and Daryl Romkey on drums and percussion — Delcid and Rockpointe created Delhill, a soulful acoustic rock band. The band released their first all -original EP in 2005. At their live performances, they mostly play original pieces but do play the occasional cover.

“What we’re trying to do with the music is write interesting songs so that the music people will be like, ‘yeah, check out that groove, check out that riff’ and at the same time the general crowd will like it and it’ll be something they’ll listen to on their way to work,” Delcid said.

Although the members of Delhill call Massachusetts their home, they like playing in Manchester and say that they like the way the city supports arts.

“There is always something new and exciting to take from a place. If Manchester is the type of place that works with the idea of creating and supporting the music culture, then we definitely want to be a part of that,” Delcid said.

The homemade beer at Milly’s, where the band will be playing on Friday, Aug. 25, also keeps Dehill coming back.

“Yum,” Delcid said.

Dehill will be joined at Milly’s on Aug. 25 by performers Soul Movement, Evening Groove and Ryan McCalmon.

“We love to have guest musicians play along with us. We are really into the music and try to focus on the positive side, which is people meeting people with music as the catalyst,” Delcid said. - Hippo Press-Erica Febre

"3 is the New 5"

In a twist on Ben Folds Five ( a band that has three members), the Allston-based DelHill Trio has five members. But don't let the math confuse you. Just focus on the quintet's sound, its guitar-driven relaxed pop inspired by artists such as John Mayer and Jack Johnson.

Meredith Goldstein, 1/2/06 - Boston Globe SideKick

"Up & Comers 5/07"

BAND - Delhill

By Rick Garner

So how long have you guys been around and how did you decide on the name ?gDelhill??h Since the beginning of time when the great cosmic forces collided and sent all the molecules of the universe spiraling outward, spinning towards infinity ~ which was, roughly, about two years ago. Delhill is a beautiful place somewhere in the world where the five of us decided we were going to make music together. But much like Springfield in the Simpsons, we won?ft tell you where exactly it is (just yet!). In Spanish it means ?gOf the Hill.?h Think about it?c

Who plays what? Andrew DelCid, Guitar/Vocals;Tony Maiella, Guitar/Vocals; James Rockpoint, Guitar/Mandolin/Back-up Vocals; Freddy G, Bass Ninja and Art Vigilante; D-Rawk, Drums & Percussion

What?fs everyone?fs band history? Andrew D played in the groups Shoopus (who later became Sucka Brown) and Say When. In college, Tony Maiella played in Bay State Love Machine. Daryl played in NooK (which later became Audrey Can?ft Die) and bad 80s metal cover bands. Rockpoint and Freddy G played in the high school talent competition ~ and took last place.

And are you guys self-taught on your respective instruments? For the most part, although some of us have taken lessons and played in school ensembles. D is the only one with ?gformal?h training ~ he played in Drum Corps for a greater part of his youth and that?fs why he always breaks snare drums. He also was a Marching Band Percussion Instructor for UMass-Lowell. You know, ?gThis one time at band camp?c?h

Take us through the song-writing process. This is the best part ~ everyone contributes to the song-writing process here. Andrew and Tony are the chief song writers and often they will bring entire songs written on their acoustic guitars. Rockpoint lays on the guitar riffs and both he and Freddy G always have great lyrical and melodic ideas. D-Rawk does all the heavy rhythmic lifting, making sure the arrangements are snug and our timing is right. It is very much a collaborative effort and that?fs how we keep it interesting and progressive.

Your new CD ?gBouncing Souls?h was just released. How?fd you choose the tracks? We wanted to make a good record that would really resonate with people and become a part of their lives. The album title comes from the idea that people are constantly bouncing off of and into experiences, places, and one another, like billions of bouncing balls going in infinite directions. And the title track is a play on words, and is about the communal madness of a good rock-n-roll show. The tracks were a culmination of everything we had done up to that point that reflected these ideas.

What?fs the overall feel of the CD? Sad? Rebellious? Retrospective? Somebody told me that whenever they think of us, they think of driving down the highway on that first sunny day of the year with the windows down and the sound system turned up. This is a CD to turn on at a party, BBQ, or while you?fre driving. It?fs meant to make you to sing at the top of your lungs and pound your fist in the air because you feel alive. There are songs about missing a lover?fs touch, about extreme internal conflict and insecurity, and others about celebration of life, people, and music. We tried to touch on universal themes but to do it in a fresh way.

What?fs that old saying? ?gThere?fs one in every bunch??h Who?fs the biggest ham of the group? Freddy G is a notorious prankster. As we become more fluent as performers, he gets more ridiculous on stage, and people love it.

What kind of music do you guys listen to for fun? We?fre an eclectic bunch ~ we listen to reggae, world music, Brazilian music, folk, 80s death metal, punk, and tons of 70?Πrock and funk. Lately it?fs been Manu Chao, Amy Winehouse, the Doobie Brothers, Tool, and My Morning Jacket.

What?fs next for the band? We love to play live and have a healthy schedule through the fall, when we have plans to record another EP ~ and we?fre currently looking for proper management so we can stop focusing on silly stuff like how big our Stonehenge stage prop will be.

- Pulse Magazine

"Andy and James's big adventure"

"The Climb from New Zealand to DelHill"
DelHill always hopes to bring the spirit of New Zealand wherever it goes.

It is, in fact, the root of this band, which combines jazz, rock, pop and folk with world rhythms. Armed only with acoustic guitars and voices, founding members, best friends and schoolmates Andy Del Cid and James Rockpoint decided to head to New Zealand on a whim years ago. They always heard it was cool over there, and they were “two guys looking for an adventure.

“We wanted to do something where we could work and travel at the same time,” says Del Cid. “After doing some research, we discovered that New Zealand is regarded as a crossroads place. It’s a country that is the size of California with only 4 million people. It’s full of can-do people, outdoorsmen. They respect the land and environment and are welcoming. Besides Lord of the Rings being shot there we didn’t know anything about it. We found it’s a country where there is something to do in every town.”

For the first week, Del Cid and Rockpoint bused it, but after that, they thumbed around, staying in hostels and bringing a backpack and guitar with them. Busking and hitting open mics, as well as landing a few gigs, the duo found the whole experience nurturing, and their musicianship and talent grew from being there. Coming back to Boston, they got a shot of reality.

“I remember being back in Boston,” says Del Cid, “at an open mic. In New Zealand, we were getting ovations and strangers coming up to us. In Boston, we were playing and people were watching the baseball game on TV behind us. I know that’s something of a cultural thing.”

Del Cid says despite that culture shock, the band — which is now a quintet — still chases that attitude and spirit they found in New Zealand. In fact, Tony Maiella, songwriter, singer and player of various world percussion instruments, had sought and found the same evolution while traveling through South America. Within weeks of coming back from New Zealand, Del Cid and Rockpoint contacted Maiella, found a drummer online who was way into their influences (Daryl Romkey), and then lured bassist Freddy G back from Amherst. G had gone to high school with Rockpoint, Maiella and Del Cid at Algonquin Regional.

DelHill’s first show was on Jan. 2 of this year at The Paradise in Boston. The band also cut a five-song EP and has made a recent push to include shows all over New England, including Worcester. Playing soulful acoustic rock, their music is a unique approach to a classic formula. “All our songs start out acoustic,” says Del Cid, “and it’s a collaborative effort with writing. We’re trying to combine the styles such as folk, rock, jazz, reggae and blues and do interesting things with catchy melodies on top of it, along with some catchy guitar lines. I’d definitely compare our stuff to, say, The Beatles, some West Coast groove, Sublime, Jack Johnson, and Pearl Jam is definitely in there. We do some world rhythms and don’t want to limit ourselves to one style, but it’s rooted in traditional rock.”

Since Del Cid has some outstanding parking tickets in New Zealand (hey, they’re not that nurturing), he isn’t heading back there really soon. But he’s hoping to bring DelHill to Guatemala for the Christmas season, provided they’ll have it. “I’m half-Guatemalan,” he says. “My father is going down to visit and he’ll bring some CDs. We’ll see if they’ll have an American band. There is this commercial district. Guatemala is a Third World country, but there are some nice parts to it. I heard someone play ‘Karma Police’ by Radiohead, and I was like, ‘We have to get here and be part of this.’ This is about making memories and meeting people.”
- Worcester Magazine-Charlene Arsenault

"DelHill is Hypnotic"

DelHill is hypnotic.

In an era where marketable music seems to be divided into plebian arena rock or -- worse yet -- emo, DelHill demonstrates its prowess in intricate harmony and a never-quit rhythm section. DelHill's music manages to be sensitive, endearing, and aurally fierce without being neutered.

If DelHill has no future in this industry, then this industry has no future." - CE Skidmore-The Post-Star, Glens Falls NY


2005-"From Our Little Satellite" 3 song Demo
2006-"DelHill" 5 song EP
2007-"Bouncing Souls" 9 song full length album
2007-"Matsuzaka, Oh!"


Feeling a bit camera shy


With their captivating and inviting live show, and a blend of funky, roots-rock, Delhill is building a loyal family of fans all over New England. Their sound is dynamic and memorable. Comparisons have been made to the modern rock of Pearl Jam, the fearless songwriting of Revolver-Era Beatles, and the adventurous harmonies of another Boston-born band, Guster.

Delhill embraces this vision with a “do-it-yourself” attitude, a spirit of spontaneity, and above all, original and infectious music with an ethos that sets no creative limits. They craft exciting songs, melding rock, funk, pop and roots music and writing lyrics delivered from genuine personal experience.

Coming off of the release of their full-length studio album Bouncing Souls, Delhill has garnered acclaim all over the northeast. From New York to New Hampshire, they have performed at premiere music venues across the region, including the Paradise, the Middle East, and Harper's Ferry in Boston, Tammany Hall in Worcester, and the infamous CBGB's in New York City.

From their humble origins as traveling performers in the streets of New Zealand and South America, to their latest triumphs with the underground myspace hit "Matsuzaka, Oh!", Delhill continues on in that spirit, capturing stories and emotions through music.

-- “In an era where marketable rock music seems to be divided into pop-punk or emo, Delhill demonstrates its prowess in intricate harmony and a never-quit rhythm section. Delhill's music manages to be sensitive, endearing, and aurally fierce. If Delhill has no future in this industry, then this industry has no future."
CE Skidmore-The Post-Star, Glens Falls NY

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