Delia deVer /Aktive Transport

Delia deVer /Aktive Transport


Original, contemporary singer songwriter, interesting, thoughtful, poetic lyrics covering diverse and relative topics to modern life, variety, soulful, unique style and enjoyable!


Originally from Mill Valley California, artist Delia deVer moved to Texas after studying visual art at the California College of the Arts, a campus located where Oakland and Berkeley meet as culturally rich neighbors. Her unique use of color and modern approach to painting and drawing blossomed and matured in Texas right along with her musical projects as a Singer/Songwriter. Delia's music and visual art is inspired by ordinary and extraordinary sites, feelings and thoughts from daily life and travels throughout Texas and across the States to the Pacific coast including Baja Mexico, California and the Pacific North West. As a Singer/Songwriter and visual artist she expresses energy, beauty, concern and joy through her vibrant artistic language.

Influences come from the vast talent (past and present) so easily heard now from all over the world to local Texas musician friends Sara Hickman, Lori Dreier and Rene West. Her first musical calling came from a toy piano. Soon after that, at the age of about 8, she became entranced by the sounds of the cello. She studied that instrument through High school, not realizing at the time that the range in a cello is similar to what the human voice can do. She attributes the time playing the cello, as being crucial to understanding her own vocal possibilities. As a child she sang Billie Holiday and Elvis tunes to herself and her best friends. She started writing "Peoms" (poems) around the time she was playing the toy piano, eventually merging these interests through what has become a life long habit of creating original music, writing lyrics and poor spelling. When she moved to Texas she got inspired ”by whatever it is about Texas and music" to start playing the guitar, writing songs and performing.

Delia recently created a drawing of Sara Hickman when she went to see her perform in a small local venue. Sara (being the 2010 Texas Musician of the year) asked her if she could use the art for her official seal design. Delia says "I love how my involvement in music and visual art overlap, compliment, contrast and teach each other things. I imagine it helps to make my performances interesting as I communicate to the audience as an artist absorbed in both mediums. But, I know it’s equally important, in connecting with people, that I’m creating lyrics and music that come from my experiences in life as a working person, having been a commercial artist for big publishing companies and, more recently, as a public High school art teacher in a title1 school. I know and write about the challenges and joys of keeping modern life in balance with family, friends and as a thinking citizen concerned with contemporary social, environmental and philosophical issues. I feel like I’m a hybrid of sorts culturally, as I definitely am influenced by my Northern California roots, but am quite altered now that I have lived in Texas”.

She has just finished a studio session recording her CD "Walking through a Labyrinth" 2010 composed of 18 tracks at Alpha Omega Recording Studios with Ty Macklin (he created music with Eryhka Badu on her platinum record Baduism). Delia is also beginning a new collaboration with Ty. "He is an amazing composer! I'm excited to have just finished writing the first lyrics and vocal melody to go with his really cool modern, jazzy, blues, electronica tune!

"Some of my other influences range from the usual rock greats, to folk, blues and eclectic bands like Portishead.I enjoy performing live for audiences of all sizes. I've performed in small cafe venues that feature live music like The Four Star cafe, the infamous MacHenry's to the Deep Ellum Arts festival in Dallas".


Baja Mexico est a bonita

Written By: Delia deVer

In your skies
I see the flickering of stars
and the twinkle in the eyes
of a child
who's filled with imagination
wings flutter 'round
with sweet sounds
investigating on the ground
reminds me
to be
more playful

'cause we never know
what is in store
so we explore
beyond the whimsy of
our horizons

shooting stars
clouds and constellations
they speak to us
in mysterious ways
crossing the borderlines
and the struggles of our nations
out here
we don't fear
and we don't feel
so divided

'cause we never know
what is in store
'till we explore
beyond the whimsy of
our horizons

a slight moon rises
and the stars recess
giving way
to a more comforting scene
and it helps us to dream
of going back
we're going back
to your seas
the love and lore
and the spin of our universe

'cause we never know
what is in store
so we explore
beyond the whimsy of
our horizons

She Breaths deeply

Written By: Delia deVer

She breaths deeply
and discovers
perfumed air
love arrives
upon his
words and pictures

jasmine, honeysuckle, lemon
blossoms come late
to the jujube tree
A condor flies over him
and so we meet again

our hearts, minds, senses
able to receive
intoxicating therapy
comes to
a love sick girl

The oak road
it has taken him
long to find
now he perceives
what brought him
back to
a true love

The Trinity

Written By: Delia deVer

I have a place I go to it's down on the Trinity (river)
where wild daisies grow beside blackberries, ripe for
the pickin, it's the closest place I know to go and unwind
after a day of working

It's times like these I need to see the beauty, the real beauty the natural kind of beauty

and it comes from one shared earth, one shared water, one shared sky, one shared sun
the streams to the rivers, the rivers to the bays, the bays to the ocean and it all comes
back in the rain

song continues...


Walking Through a Labyrinth 2010

Set List

All original and written by Delia deVer except where indicated.

around 2 hour performance

Oh Baby
Big Bend
Baja est a bonita
Gotta Stop Think about you
God of War
The Mandala- written byDelia deVer, Sara Hickman
California Girl
If you look out your window
Be Careful
Paint Dries So Slow
White Cloud Prairie- written by Delia deVer, Steve Mudge
Where's This Train Going?
Waiting in our Dreams
The Trinity
Tara's Song
I'm Not Waiting
She Breaths Deeply