Delicatessen offer a mouth-watering menu of music from across Europe and the Mediterranean. Combining sumptuous vocal harmonies, heart-stopping melodies and driving rhythms they weave a colourful tapestry of moods and emotions, telling stories of love, food and everyday life.


Delicatessen was formed in London in 2010. The group's choice of music reflects the diversity of their backgrounds (Greece, Japan, Turkey, France, Germany and the UK), their shared musical interests and their passion for performing familiar and less well known pieces in a unique, engaging way.


Meze taster EP

Set List

To Kafedaki (Greece)
Divane Asik Gibi (Turkey)
Çay Elinden Öteye (Turkey)
Mandilatos (Greece)
Axerico de Quinze Años (Spain)
Asentada (Spain)
Gesi Baglari (Turkey)
Naci en Alamo (Spain/Greece)
Bin Ikh Mir (Yiddish)
Yo Hanino (Bosnia)
Çarsiya Vardim (Turkey)
Aman Katerina Mou (Greece)
Yarayah (Greece/Arabic)
Benzinadiko (Greece)
Misirlou (Greece)
Kassap Havasi (Turkey)
Osman Aga (Turkey)
Rampi Rampi (Turkey)
Golden Khasene (Yiddish)