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Bronx, New York, United States | INDIE

Bronx, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Blues


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"Fat Baby/New York City - October 2007"

New York city's reigning soul rock star is getting ready for a
whirlwind year in 2008. She's prepping her highly anticipated second
studio album, "Unscathed", but she didn't leave her fans without one
special show to keep her name on their lips. At the Lower East Side
hot spot Fat Baby, Delilah took center stage for her final 2007
performance. It was one not to miss.

Delilah's voice is known for its strength, power, and courage etched
with raw emotion and vulnerability. Her new sound finds her penning
heartfelt yet edgy lyrics, conveying a wit that's as sharp as a blade.
Delilah has delved deeper into her own inner wisdom and life's
lessons to inspire her greatest tracks yet. Her voice soared on
"Nothing But A Lie," as she puts out a past flame: "Dr. Jekyll, Mr.
Hyde/Don't got a damn thing on you/You seem like the perfect guy/But
no one knows you like I do/Your personality's split in two." She had
fun with a sure to become fan favorite "Love Dangle," blending her
rock, blues, and soul style in perfect harmony. "Get Away" is a
classic in the making, a rock-tinged track with an urgency to break
free, and got the audience on their feet to shower applause and

Delilah gave more of what we love, including her timeless hits "Good
Woman" and "Fabulous Feisty Female: "I'm a lioness/Hear me roar/I got
more balls than any man/ I am magnificent/I am powerful/I am beautiful
just how I am." She belted "Demon" with even more conviction, the song
that built the foundation for her new album's edgier rock direction.

But the crowd of Fat Baby witnessed greatness during Delilah's shining
moment at the show's close. She put the audience in a frenzy with
"Ladylike/ What the Fuck." She sang with an intensity that could start
a five alarm fire, as the audience jumped to their feet, gracing her
with a standing ovation. Her show was the spark; 2008 will be the year
she sets the world ablaze.

- Jada Gomez-Lacayo of TIME Magazine

"FSB Editor's Notes - February 2008"

"Another one of our entrepreneurs in residence, office assistant Delilah Tollinchi, has left FSB to pursue her singing career full-time. Delilah, 28, has performed in Atlantic City casinos and New York City nightspots. You can learn where she's singing next at, and she is hard at work on a new CD. For her sendoff we took Delilah to a fancy karaoke club, where hearing her belt out blues and rock standards alongside lesser mortals was a little like watching Tiger Woods crash an amateur tournament. But hey, you never know when a talent agent might be in the house". - Fortune Small Business

"Weekend Entrepreneur - 2006"

Reach For Success- Chapter 8 (written by Michelle Anton and Jennifer Basye Sander)

"Well, what do you think of all these weekend entrepreneurs featured in the idea chapters? One energetic, creative, and just downright smart bunch of folks! We'd like you to meet one last weekend entrepreneur, who we think possesses all these stellar qualities.

'At four years old I knew I wanted to be a world-famous singer! I don't know how I actually came up with that idea but I was absolutely certain that singing was what I wanted to do. I remember standing in front of my bedroom mirror with my brush (microphone) in my right hand and a blanket tied around my head (I wanted to have long hair like the rock stars) pretending I was a big star on a huge stage (like Madison Square Garden) jamming on a rock song and thousands of fans chanting my name in total adoration!' Today, New York City-based Delilah Tollinchi is a 25-year-old singer/songwriter whose music definitely reflects her roots.

Delilah's vocal style has been described as 'powerful' ... and everyone agrees that this diminutive diva has a big voice that 'packs a punch!'

For the past year Delilah, like many other ambitious weekend entrepreneurs, has been working Monday through Friday at her day job in a media company. Yet, when Friday strikes, she hits the road with the coverband she performs with. They travel to clubs in Atlantic City, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland and Detroit. "I belt out 30 songs in three to four hours a night for three nights in a row with very little sleep. In other words, I've been working seven days a week straight.' With no time to take her singing career to the next level, she recently decided to leave the coverband to focus on her original music while she continues working as an editorial assistant for Fortune Small Business magazine, a Time Inc. subsidiary.

Now that Delilah realizes that she's gotten all she needed out of performing on the road, she can move on. And with a newfound sense of confidence she is ready for unchartered waters as a solo artist. 'I'd rather be singing my original songs at some dive club in New York City for no money, than to belt out three hours worth of cover songs at a gig in Atlantic city for about $200. Cover gigs are just not worth it anymore.'

While many entrepreneurs have a side business to earn extra cash to build their nest eggs, Delilah takes every buck she earns from singing and puts it right back into the business. 'When I first decided to seriously pursue my dream career as a singer, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.' She has a long list of expenditures that include buying special clothes for her performances, and personal necessities like hair, makeup, manicures, pedicures, and waxing to general things like photos, her website, vocal training, acting classes, subscriptions to trade papers, musicians' salaries, and studio rentals. One of her streams of income is from her CD that she sells at her solo gigs. 'I released an acoustic demo of four original songs, just vocals and acoustic guitar. It cost me $2000 to make plus $250 for the guitarist's fee and travel expenses.' Check it out at

We think you'll agree with us - Delilah is a woman of great courage and an amazing example to anyone who has a passion that he or she has chosen to ignore or put on the back burner. She shared this powerful message with us: 'Some people have said I'm running out of time as the years go by. Some say if I haven't made it by now, I probably won't. Some people think that music is something I just do on the side as a hobby. Some say I shouldn't waste time on such a foolish dream. Some say that there are tons of singers out there just as good or better than me. I say that I'm living the life of a singer/songwriter and so I'm already a success, whether or not I make it big. I say that I am living the life that others dream of. I say I have the courage to pursue my dreams. I say my day job is what I do on the side! I say that all the good things in my life have happened later. I say that I sing with raw passion, power, guts and soul! I say that I made a four year-old little girl's dream come true!'

Do you see yourself in Delilah's hopes and dreams? In her hard work and determination?" - Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

"Delilah debuts APOLOGIES - May 2010!"


Contact: DELILAH

NEW YORK – Delilah, whose soul- blues- and rock-infused songs put her in contention with some of music’s most well-spoken, out-spoken songstresses, is back from the trenches of New York City’s live music scene with a soon-to-be-released album, UNSCATHED. In line with her earlier work, the album’s first released single, “Apologies,” makes it clear that Delilah is not all that interested in holding a polite conversation – at least with the people who have done her wrong.

Instead, the new song taps the deep-set vein that lures music lovers to flock to hear her perform live: With Delilah, it’s all about the truth, no matter how grave, unsettling or uncomfortable the story may be.

“Apologies” analyzes the inner-head tumult caused by a bad breakup and too many years of self-blame. It tells of a woman’s agonizing search for redemption for the damage she might have caused by asking too many unanswerable questions. Then comes the moment, years later, that she realizes the blame isn’t all hers – and she finds peace and justice with an abrupt ending all her own: “I’m really sorry for the day you were conceived!”

With heavy, almost hard-core bass guitar undertones and a deep, dark melody that weaves seamlessly with Delilah’s no-holds-barred lyrics, “Apologies” memorializes the singer-songwriter’s ever-evolving sound and transformation to a deeper, smoldering – and practically raw – musicality.

“This song is definitely part of my musical evolution – it represents my arrival,” says Delilah, whose past repertoire includes Pop Latin, Hip Hop, R&B and Blues/Soul, as marked on her previous album, DELILAH. “It’s the beginning of my edgier, heavier rock journey.”

Delilah chose the deep and darkly personal “Apologies” as her debut peek into UNSCATHED in part because fans have already taken to it. They can relate to the fact that “yes, we’ve all made mistakes we wish we hadn’t, but so what?” says Delilah. “Do them with gusto and be proud of who you are despite those mistakes. Apologize for your part, but don't apologize for it all because you're not the only one with flaws and imperfections!”
- Maggie Overfelt


UNSCATHED - To be released in 2011.
APOLOGIES - cd single - (c) 2010
DELILAH - debut album - (c) 2002



Some say that stars twinkle for only a brief span of time before they fade away and become just a fleeting memory in the night sky. But the most vibrant stars shine eternally, so brightly that one can't help but become captivated by its presence. Delilah is that star.

The New York City singer/songwriter personifies a gutsy blend of rock/blues/ funk, enhanced with a bit of Latin flavor. Her strong spirit fuels her powerful voice and high octane live show. Audiences and critics agree that she is the one to watch. Born and raised in the South Bronx, Delilah proudly hails from a family with rich musical roots. Her father is a multi-talented musician noted for composing and playing an array of instruments, including guitar, harmonica, and percussion. Her uncle, Julio Colon, is the leader and singer/songwriter for the New York based “plena y bomba” band, Plena Luna. Her passion for songwriting was inspired by her granduncle Chiquitin Garcia, the famous songwriter for Puerto Rico's legendary group El Gran Combo. Her sister Christina Souza is a talented singer, dancer, and actress, whose credits include appearances on the TV sitcoms Becker and Girlfriends, and singing backup for Bette Midler. Delilah not only learned how to become a musician from her family, but also how to give back. Her uncle, Juan Colon, taught music in the military, and Delilah spends time mentoring young talent.

After majoring in voice at the fabled Music and Art High School (popularly known as the "Fame" school), Delilah focused on her college education before returning to her first love, music. But amidst classes, she was also schooled by her musical favorites, such as Tina Turner, Taylor Dayne, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Since college Delilah has been delighting audiences from the streets of New York to the beaches of Miami with her vocal prowess and stage craft. She has performed alongside rock artists-- Living Color's Corey Glover and Deep Purple's Joe Lynn Turner at New York's The Cutting Room. She sang her heart out with soul stars-- the incomparable legends Patti Labelle and Billy Preston at Giants Stadium. And she got funky with-- Morris Day and the Time, Billy Cliff from Kool and the Gang, and Silver from Chic. Although Delilah is known for her rock and soul style, she's also versatile and appreciates music in all its forms. She's shared the stage with the jazz greats of Spyro Gyra, Gerardo Velez and Julio Fernandez. She's also accompanied saxophone player Richie Cannata, known for his work with Billy Joel and The Beach Boys. Delilah has been written about in the NY Times, Fortune Small Business, Talent in Motion, and the book Weekend Enterpreneur, by Michelle Anton and Jennifer Basye Sander.

Right now, Delilah is in the studio readying her brand new album, UNSCATHED, the follow up to her 2002 acoustic self- titled debut. Her fans are eagerly awaiting a year filled with a string of tour dates to follow its release. Delilah is ready for her ascent to the top: “This time I’m going all the way, back to where I belong…amongst the stars!”

- written by Jada Gomez of Time Inc./People Magazine

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