delina hill

delina hill


All of my lyrics are meaningful & true. Everyone can relate to them. And the melodies are enjoyable to listen to-fast or slow. Simply put "Ear Candy."


“delina” Born in Indianapolis Indiana, I’ve been performing since I was a little girl. I have performed in elementary school, junior and high school choirs, Church, and shows around the country.

With a range from soprano to tenor, I’m a versatile vocalist, and songwriter. I’m formerly a member of the 4-girl group MSST (MIST) from Indianapolis.
MSST for (2 ½) two & half years was the opening act for the group Pubic Announcement, we where in four (4) issues of BRE Magazine. MSST also open for Kelly Price for the Indianapolis Black Expo, and preformed in several impact conferences in Miami & California.

I have recorded dozen of songs and written over 200 songs and recorded 20 of my own songs. I have exposure to large audiences, and experience in the studio and it has developed me into a well-rounded performer with a unique style and charm. I have a powerful, yet sexy and angelic voice! In addition, to my love for music, I also dance, write poetry, and currently working on my autobiography and a novel.

I am blessed with talent, and very creative, and sexy with a wonderful personality…. what more could you possibly want!



Little Woman with a Big Voice

Written By: delina hill

Little Woman with a Big Voice

Everything that I write is everything that I feel
To my ownself be true, to my fans keep it real
There ain’t nothin’ I can’t do there ain’t nothin’ I can’t say
My mamma always told me that this world’s gon’ be mine someday
Someday, someday, someday, someday_______Whew-mmm gotta catch my breath!
Ok go!

I’m just a little bitty woman with a big ole voice
Ya didn’t see me comin’ but you heard the noise
Look out for me cuz I’m here to stay
I’m the one you love to hate sometime it be that way.

Well it’s Delina back again one more time representin’
Thinkin’ ‘bout way back when, when I was labeled hooligan
We’ve made it to the 2000’s now it’s my music you bumpin’
Now you tryin’ to be my friend I recommend you come again
(And ahh) you didn’t know (That ahh) that I could flow black
(Ahh) I thought you said (That ahh) I wouldn’t make it
But I was born to be the star I’ve always strived to be
I didn’t pay for my degree by way of the great army
I’m still all I can be, and I’ve always been free
Never bound to slavery cuz it’s in your mind what you let be


Ya see when I was a child they told my mom I was wild
And now they can’t see how I milk this music like a cow
But this wild child born with unspeakable know how
Practiced under low profile and BLAW! Look at me now
See I was born into this world with a goal to be the best
Give love to my son and let him rest upon my breast
Taught him not to be hopeless, live for the soul and not the flesh
Pray ‘bout things that get you stressed and let the Lord deal with the rest
And I recollect them voice lessons that I took
When I was nervous then I shook, but I was told I had a look
That the people wanted, never been one to be easily taunted
If I got it then I flaunt it; I like there for I bump it
And I know you can’t handle my talent’s slick like a scandal
If lose for words then I ramble and on the Sabbath light a candle
So if you’d please excuse me, I must give thanks on bended knee
For it is he who chose to bless me with this gift for makin’ cheese

And now I breathe, I breathe
I breathe, I breathe

Everything that I write is everything that I feel
That means, with every lyric I spill to my heart I keep it real
This is my biggest known thrill and no, no, no I can’t keep still
And I will keep going on from now until, until
Just listen to each line and break it down word for word
It be so deep-up to your ears that I’m the only mess you heard
All the time, stay stuck on your mind, run through your bloodline
Like intravenous through your spine


amazing love

Written By: delina hill

Amazing Love

Verse One:
Mamma always said that one day I’d find a love that was so amazing
Searched high and low unable to find that soul
With the love that I longed for
Seems like the moment I stopped an angel was chosen to drop
Stimulated my mind, heart and my soul
Each day when I pray I thank God for you
My wildest dream and a blessing come true
I’ve found, I’ve got it and I am in amazing love

Your love is amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing
It sends my heart racing it’s a blessing
To have someone to love and to hold
Everyday of my life until I get old
It’s amazing, amazing, amazing love
It only comes from the heavens above
Someone I can have and hold
Everyday of my life until I get old

Verse Two:
Mamma said that I don’t have to look because you’d find me
Just when I think that I’m not looking
One blink and there you were inside my world calling me your girl
With a love that was so amazing
I sit back and think to myself I can’t imagine being with anyone else
You are everything I’ll ever need
I can’t control it, my lips won’t hold it
I’ll tell the whole world cuz I want them to know it
I’ve got it, I’ve found it, I am in amazing love


Until I am old, oh it’s amazing
Every fiber of my being loves every part of you
Close my eyes and I cry, because I’m glad
The greatest love I’ve ever had
It’s amazing, so amazing yeah
Amazing Love


I have one single (Just can't take it) released on a compilation (ATL Bomb Squad vol. 3 & 4), and I'm featured on a single (Sticky Situation) on the same compilation.