Delinquent Saints

Delinquent Saints

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Delinquent Saints effectivley incorporate Fusion Jazz and Hip Hop with R&B Vocals and spoken word. With such a colorful variety of musicians DS has been welcome in bars, venues, and even churches of all kinds.


The music is inspired by love & hate, spirituality, and politics. The majority of the musical influence ranges from classics like: Steve Wonder and Gershwin. To more modern artists: Alicia Keys or Living Legends. From a market stand point: Delinquent Saints remain comfatorble being paid for what they do because no one else is doing the same thing. They wouldn't expect to be paid if someone else was performing the same form of music better or for cheaper. In the musical aspect: Delinquent Saints are constantly in and out of the studio spending valuable time to create the most original, appealing, and popular music. The founders of Delinquent Saints are Preacha and Scott Brown, who have been producing and recording music since the year 2000 at the age of 14. They didn't meet eachother until 2005 Delinquent Saints has been dedicated to timeless music and fair promotion ever since.


Delinquent Saints(Break These Chains2004) Delinquent Saints(Endangered Arts2005)
Delinquent Saints(Vinyl Criminals2006)
Delinquent Saints(New Album2007)

Set List

Bands such as Surmen are sometimes mixed in the set. We want to give the audience a worthy portion of our music, but we like to leave them wanting more and promote other artists on stage-VARIETY. We even have a magician LOL. A 30-60 minute set might look like: 10 minutes of instrumental playing while instruments are set up and members can meet folks in the venue. Song that we perfrom live are :Rondevue(Upbeat) Plans(Intense) Please Tell me(Merciful) Clown Fish(Cool and Hip) Unpredictable(Suave) Warlock(Slow Murky) Stolen Jweles(Happy) Jam(Improve) Dreams(Inspirational) When I was a Teen(Happy Ending)