Delirio is one of the most exciting Latin Alternative acts in the emerging Latin Rock scene. Their "Dark & Sexy" style could be attributed to a vast array of influences ranging from Depech Mode to G n' R. Their music is Alternative-Electro and they frequent the Top 20 Latin Alternative nationwide.


Delirio began their illustrious career in the late 90's as one of the pioneer bands to emerge from the Latin Alternative music wave that infiltrated the US. Soon after forming, and as a loyal fan base supported the band, Delirio were invited to performed in many music festivals throughout CA and Mexico. The light shinned on them when there were fortunate enough to share the stage with many international acts such as El Tri, Maldita Vecindad, Victimas, Fobia, Moenia, Jumbo, Angeles Del Infierno, Control Machete, among many others.

Delirio's music is strong and intimate. A Dark and Sexy style attributed by a vast array of influences ranging from Depech Mode to G n' R. in July 2007, Delirio released their firts professional production entitled "Auto Destruccion" under the Gold Flame Records label. It has been Delirio's best work until today. It charted 3 songs in the Top 20 Latin Alternative charts nationwide.

Delirio's future has unlimited potential. Capturing more and more fans from each performace, Delirio is shure to be a major impact in the both the Latin & American music scenes.


"Auto Destruccion", Gold Flame Records-2007

Set List

Typical Set is 45min-1hr

Set List
1. Bien Venido Al Show
2. 2AM
3. Auto Destruccion
4. Love Hate
5. Angel
6. We'll Make It
7. Brother of Love
8. Revolucion
9. It's No Good (Depeche Mode Cover)