Delirium Cordia

Delirium Cordia


Heavy Riff


Delirium Cordia is a Mexican-Danish Industrial Metal band. Originally formed and founded by Joffre O. Videz in 2007 in Mexico City. After 5 years of experimenting with different instrumental compositions, it became clear to Joffre that Delirium Cordia needed a lead singer. As destiny would have it, Danish vocalist Ivan Stenger (Colliding With The Aliens, Skin Tuxedo) listened to Delirium Cordia on the ReverbNation bandpage. He got very interested in the music so he contacted Joffre O. Videz offering to sing on the tracks. They decided to start the collaboration over the internet exchanging music files and ideas. The chemistry was good and within 4 months they had created a full length album ready for sale. The 2 band members have never even met in person.


Mother of all Sorrow