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Delirium Tremens

London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"OK! Magazine"

Delirium Tremens play Boudoir PR's 5th Birthday Party at Jalouse - copy and picture in the Jade Memorial Edition, 2009 - OK!

"Look! Magazine"

text to follow when I work out how to attach a PDF - but was one page spread with 2 photos - Look Magazine

"Introducing Delirium Tremens" - Female First magazine

" Delirium Tremens are Thirsty"

Front page rotating picture selection and Headline, plus full page interview, link to myspace, more pictures and auto-play of first video - 28 October 2009 -

"Delirium Tremens review Outside Edge Magazine,"

Northern at Delirium Tremens
(Inn on the Green, 13th April)
Continuing my union of
North (me) and South
(you, London), and also
in keeping with The Other
Side’s expansion plans
across the tube network
(‘work’ seems a bit strong
in the case of the tubes), I
answered an email calling
for me to attend a gig near
Ladbroke Grove Station
(yeah, OFF the northern
line). Actually, it was a
Northern friend I hadn’t
seen for beards (that’s
Scouse for ‘a very long
time’) who told me of the
gig. a new band,
Delerium Tremens!
Delirium Tremens
abbr. DTs, noun acute
delirium caused by
alcohol poisoning.
The definition left an
impression that could
be interesting to see
translated musically.
Basically, the name was
cool (and the Belgian beer
by the same name is
also most good), so off
I popped.
The DTs are Karis and
Nick, promoting their own
brand of Acoustic Folk
Noir. Karis (vox), the singer, has a voice that
matches up to Grace Slick
(Jeffs Plane – neowwww!)
or Roisin Murphy (Moloko).
Decadent and expressive,
her command of the stage
contrasts with Nick’s (vox,
guit) more ‘chillaxed’(yep!)
approach to tracks that
jangle and dance like
Bowie’s or PJ Harvey’s
catalogues. The DTs were
born for the stage.
The sweet, melancholic
romance of the subject
matter confirmed that
this was not just another
band saying the same old
things, trying to make it
big. I’d been told the DTs
were a ‘sophisticated taste’.
I found the images they
threw up (not literally)
of motels, cigarettes,
clowns, mescaline and
lost souls very tasty (not
literally – I’m on a noimage
diet, they hurt too
much coming out the other
end. Especially that
motel image!)
The crowd had
certainly grown and those
who weren’t DT followers
seemed to have seen
the light. As the cheers
swelled, I couldn’t help but
smile. Here was a band
to follow and engage with. Gothic, stormy, and a bit scary.
I even told the puzzled
looking chap in the Kebab
shop later on, so I did, I
said, ‘They didn’t even
need to threaten me, they
earned their good review!’
So DTs, here it is! No
need to bottle me up*!
Everyone’s a winner!
If you have anywhere
you wanna send the
northern one to further
introduce him to the
delights of London email
n o r t h e r n @
and I may just pop
up there!
*They’re very nice really! It
was just a joke death threat
(I think!)
Delirium Tremens play Soho
Revue Bar on 5th June
deliriumtremenssongs - Outside Edge Magazine


Debut Album "Thirst" distributed by Universal release 24 September 2009 on itunes, Amazon, Spotify,, etc

EP "Shake Yourself Down" 2006 - self-released

EP "The End Of Me", 2007 - self released
(both available to buy from
Two previous EPs sold out on Myspace.
"Sugar" won the Christmas number 1 slot 2007 on myspace unsigned folk chart, "Geronimo" charted in the tourdates chart at no.29. Sugar is on the soundtrack to "Colin" a Brit-horror feature film that was the hit of Cannes 2009.



Delirium Tremens are a London-based Folk Noir Band with increasing underground success. From getting a surprise Myspace Christmas Number One in the 2007 unsigned Folk charts, they have had over 340,000 plays on myspace. The DTs went from acoustic to full band in 2008 and recently rocked Alan McGee's Death Disco (returning to headline in 2010), headlined the Colony Rooms Ball at 33 Portland Square, played main stage at Standon Calling 2008 AND 2009, played Cheltenham Beer, Hook Norton and Tottenham Carnivals as well as supporting the Christians at the Acoustic Festival of Great Britain, and Benjamin Zephaniah offered to write for them!

Delirium Tremens featured in Female First magazine, Look! magazine, the Scottish Sun, Time Out online, OK! magazine and others, beat 58 other bands to second place in the final of Vince Power's competition to play Benicassim, won Garageband Lyrics awards, and DazedDigital's Introducing in 2008.

I Want You – the DTs first video, directed by Tom Edmunds, assistant director to Anthony Minghella, was launched in conjunction with Chiwetel Ejiofor OBE’s film Slapper for Film Four, at the Human Circus, Barden’s Boudoir London and has American distribution through MWG Media. it has had over 40,000 viral internet plays.

Delirium Tremens have an international fan base in Monte Carlo, Spain, Japan, the US and the UK, with UK-wide radioplay from Radio Caroline to Shoreditch and afield from Paris to Texas to Berlin.

Influences include Hedda Gabler, Gypsy Rose Lee, David Bowie, El Presidente, Thom Yorke, Tracey Chapman, the Hellfire CLub, Nick Cave, Holly Golightly, Mata Hari, Glinda, Sisyphus, Mucha and Absinthe.

Nick Bovaird likes songs that need to be written and he doesn't write anything from a need to be liked.

Karis McLarty has lived in Shanghai Paris London and New York. She's guest vocals for various bands including Australian dance producers, Aldous and Rexx, The Servant and Misnomer. She began her career as a podium dancer in China, and has danced in various music videos, short films, and superclubs. In 2005 she wrote and starred in a one-woman show in the West End directed by Charles Dance, has been Cleopatra, Mary Magdalene, a Budweiser Girl, a model, and a lounge singer, and was a muse for Zubair Production's Inspiring Londoners exhibition. Karis is currently a muse to the fashion designer Naomi Neoh.


“Folk Noir band Delirium Tremens are causing a record company stir playing amazing sets at London’s most debauched parties “ Martell Maxwell, the Scottish Sun

“majestic.” Sebastian Horsley

“Excellent urban folk meanderings out at leftfield with some fine assaults on the sense and always probing, probing – the coolest act ever to explore Necrophilia in pop music – although Robyn Hitchcock comes a close second” BugBear

“!Ah delirium tremens! You had us all in a delirious, trembling, tearful, joyful, meditative, rousing frenzy last night with your heartbreakingly soulful sound. You have the Clouds at your feet! Come please, please play for us again and again and again...”- Passing Clouds Artists Collective, Hackney

“true.” Benjamin Zephaniah, poet

“A band to follow and engage with “ Outside Edge Magazine

“Like Bowie meets Gypsy Rose Lee” George Vjestica, promoter

“Unique music, I like it” Mike Figgis, Director of Leaving Las Vegas

what could i say..??? amazing!!!!amazing!!!!amazing!! i loved what i saw and listened!
love Emilie Brera, dancer with the Dresden Dolls

“ Such delicate songs with knowing arrangements.” Colossus

“your music sure is original enough to play here” the ICA, London