delivered to darkness

delivered to darkness


We strive for authenticy. We wish to open doors to a new style of music we call thrash fusion.


We came from a strange world to create a new style of music. That world was of mental health. One might say we have history's of insanity. (or perhaps even presently). We say we have been labeled for being ultimately creative. Creativity that which gives us a unique and powerfull perception on the world. We percieve the beauty which lurks in the darkness of night.

We listen to just about any kind of music there is such that we hope it shall reflect in our music. Some bands and artists are those such as;alice in chains,black sabbath, depeche mode,orgy,korn,metallica,marilyn manson,burt janch,santana,paul greaver,segovia,slayer,exodus,led zeppelin,pink floyd,alphaville, fleetwood mac,old U2, old R.E.M., too short, gin blossoms, ministry and so on and so forth.