Deliver Us

Deliver Us

 Bangor, Maine, USA

Dirt. Brains. Metal.


In the summer of 2010, Blue Duck Records recording artists Wolves Among Sleep saw their end come to fruition. In one direction, singer Anthony Pelkey and drummer Jay Cochran joined forces with local up-and-comers Legend Has It, while guitarist Aaron Blackmer exited to Texas and became a member of the pop-punk band Suckerpunch, leaving the founding member of Wolves Among Sleep, Jeremy Soderberg in search for a new project. After one failed attempt at starting a christian group, Cities At Sea, he took with him Cities' guitar player, Andy Cook to begin a new, secular metalcore project, Deliver Us.

They later enlisted the talents of former Vails Gate bass player, Gyasi Davis, NESCom student Tanner Kelley on drums, and vocalist Ryan Hill. After rounding out a solid lineup, Deliver Us quickly booked numerous shows, including the Bangor, ME date of the Avalanche Tour (Bumstock, 8000+ attending), as well as largely attended shows in CT, MA, NH and ME (such as the Artemis Event Center grand opening, The Great Northeastern Monster InFESTation, and The Mountain Metal Mayhem Festival, among others). Having played more out of state shows than in state shows, Deliver Us plans to consider New England their home, rather than one specific town. Gaining a strong fan base in CT, and quickly growing fanbases in MA and NH, they hope to climb to the top with haste. Utilizing the connections made by each band member, and Wolves' former management, The Eightohsix Agency, Deliver Us is an act to keep an eye and ear out for.


All Swash & No Buckle (Single)
Real Life in 3-D (Single)