You know when you have a song stuck in your head where all you know about it is that you can't stop singing it and you really want to hear it again? That's Dellacane.


Dellacane, the New York City rock band is formed by Ignacio, Frank, Vincent and Ed; four young musicians with an irresistible sound that will appeal to fans of such acts as the Beatles, the Libertines and the Strokes. Over the past year, the band has developed a growing fan base throughout the New York area. With over thirty original songs to their credit, Dellacane has now set their sights on performing in venues up and down the East Coast.

Ignacio, 21, began his musical career as a part of the Children's Chorus in the Metropolitan Opera, singing in over thirty operas. Afterwards, he received Piano training and is now an accomplished, self-taught guitar and bass player.

Frank, 21, has played the guitar for eight years. An energetic and charismatic performer, he shines on stage.

Vincent, 23, was introduced to the group in late 2006 and finally added rhythm to the melodies and harmonies of Ignacio and Frank.

Ed, 21, is the newest member of the band and was immediately recognized as the last ingredient to an already potent mixture. Ed, a Southern Californian, met Ignacio and Frank while together at school in Italy. There, all three methodically developed the songwriting talents they showcase today.

In a relatively short time, Dellacane has made it impressively clear of a simple fact: they write great songs. Their music is hard and fast. Their lyrics are catchy and clever, with an unforgetable quality in every song. On top of it all, the lead voices of Ignacio and Frank strike a balance of perfect harmony.

Recently, Johnny Johnston of Emergenza summed it up best after their performance at The Bitter End, "Dellacane was next to take the stage and rocked the house. They had a really cool fun sound that got the whole place grooving with every lick."


Streaming songs at -- Windowpane, Broken and Battered Blues, Chinatown, When The Room Spins.

Set List

Dellacane's best set typically runs 45 minutes to an hour. In the set, they will play some mix of Chinatown, Liver, Windowpane, When The Room Spins, Fighting Frenzy, The Latest Craze, Broken and Battered Blues, The Beach and One Touch.

They play an extensive variety of cover songs, including the Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, the Libertines, Green Day, the Strokes. Their bank of cover songs is geared towards a university environment, but they feel their own songs are the best way to enjoy Dellacane.