Dell Bizness

Dell Bizness


Dell B. is a breath of fresh air. With a new R&B sound that is sweeping the nation. He mixes R&B, Soul and Hip Hop to capture an Old School Vibe with an New School Swagger. His song writing ability captures the essence of everday life, while his harmonies and arrangements leave space to entertain!!!


Reigning from the southern confines of Tallahassee, FLA. Dell B. with a refreshing yet old school vibe of R&B has jumped on the scene taking the south by surprise. With his own style of story telling, "Dell Bizness" takes you on exciting journeys and tails out of his personal life; that many say they can identify with. The self proclaimed "boy from the block" has been singing and performing for the majority of his life. Whether it’s been in church, school, or performing with his R&B trio N*8 Dell B. has been destined for greatness for some time now.
Dell B. is a new force to be reckoned with. Like many young people raised in the south, the young entertainer has been able to conjure up a unique blend of talent, personality, and musical artistic ability that keeps audiences in awe. With his powerful voice, high tenor range, and harmonies often compared to that of a woman’s voice; Dell B’s influence on the R&B game is seemingly overwhelming.
Dell’s growing fans and supporters seem to gravitate toward his awesome song writing ability and creativeness. Determined to make real music always, Dell B. puts his heart and soul into each lyric he writes “I write what I write for a purpose, I do it to touch those who are listening, I do it to evoke some type of emotion,” he says, adding that I love for others to hear my words and be able to identify with them. Whether it be, music for the streets, the bedroom, cleaning up the house, or just something to ride to; “Dell Bizness” continuously elevates his game to that new plateau.
Focused on his first upcoming independent album, and being a full time student at Florida A&M Universtiy Dell has found the time to release Vol. 1 of his highly anticipated R&B mixtape: Put Me On Repeat Vol. 1- The Invitation; which has received excellent reviews since its Feb 15. released date, featuring production from Kenjo, CP Hollywood, and a host of others. And now with the release of his Album “Dell B.-Bizness As Usual” Dell is embarking on a journey this is destined to establish him as a force in the music industry. “Honestly the streets have been buzzing and they say that there feeling me and what I’m doing with my music; and that’s all I can really ask for, you know, and that’s simply the bizness.”


Dripping Sexy

Written By: Ladell Bryant

“Dripping Sexy”
Written by: Ladell Bryant

Hook: My bedroom’s soaked/ I feel it all around/ so we might need towels/ cause girl you’re dripping sexy/ but it ain’t no drying off/ so don’t u even try it/ its slippery when wet/ but girl that’s how I like it./

Vs. 1. As I enter in, I’m following the puddles leading to my bed, so I know you’re dripping wet. I’m ready to dive down you’re slip & slide, and I bet I’ll enjoy the ride.
Girl your dripping sexy, but u already know, that ain’t no life guard on duty so I’m diving in fa sho. I got plans to make it wetter than is ever been before. Went from the breast stroke, to the backstroke now we wet from head to toe.

Hook 2’x

Vs. 2. So let the night begin, no need to be subtle, I want to get to it, cause girl I’m curious, at how you keep it sexy, but yet and still its classy, and you don’t have to ask me, I’ll give my body gladly. Cause, you know, how I love it when its dripping soaked, with ya loving babe, and I’ll bet that you’ll love the way I get it wet. Cause girl I got the tools you need.

Bridge: Here I am, and there u are/ dripping that sexy body all over my carpet./ bring it to me, and let me break u off/ u don’t know what u do to me/ when I see u dripping.

Hook until end.


-Put Me On Repeat Vol 1.-The Invitation
-Dell B.-Bizness As Usual

Currentely Dell B's New Single-"Can't Get Enough" has been receiving several spins on local radio, and some online stations.

Set List

My typical set ranges from 30 mins to an hour. I usually only do two sets. I do covers only if desired by gig. My typical repertoire inlcudes my very own R&B style.