Dell G

Dell G

 Lithonia, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopR&B

My music is original, creative, positive, a breath of fresh air for music listeners of all genres.


The variety of music brought by Dell G is a mixture of Hip Hop, House, R&B, and more. The influences of dell g is life, experience, reality, and positive movement.

What sets Dell G apart from other bands is the unexpected, featured artist, dancing, mc'ing, being lyrical and still positive with no trouble to venues.


Can I Make It Alright by Dell G, Came To Party by Radio Play

Set List

1. Many Haters Wanna Hate
2. Right Now
3. Can I Make It Aight
4. Get Up On It

featured songs & artist:
1. Don't U Know No Good - J Dub,
2. Get Em/Hold Me Down - C Dot,
3. Came To Party by Radio Play
4. Acapella by C Dot