Del Mar

Del Mar


A Midwest favorite! Del Mar is an original groove rock and alt-country jam ensemble, which is focused more on songwriting than improv. Wilco meets the Dead.


After officially getting started in 1997 at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, del mar has transformed from an eight-piece college "jam" band to a four-piece progressive American roots outfit that has gained the attention of scenesters, critics and music enthusiasts throughout the Midwest.
del mar chums vintage roots rock sounds of yesterday with timeless licks of tomorrow. They combine groove rock, alt-country, funk, electronica, and bluegrass into their feel-good sound. del mar has not forgotten about soulful songwriting and crafts original songs with harmonies that ring in your head and collective grooves that keep your feet moving.
Originally known as el pollo del mar, the band trimmed the name and line-up in 2000 headed up to Madison. del mar has developed a growing fan base in both Madison and Milwaukee and has used it as a springboard to other major markets in the region. Recently they have shared the stage with acts such as Keller Williams, Jazz Mandoline Project, Umphrey’s McGee, MOFRO, ekoostic hookah, John Browns Body, Strangefolk, Tea Leaf Green, Jennifer Hartswick Band and many others.



Written By: Nate Kendall

Promised fruits of the fir trees
Stay the falling of the summer leaves
Lean toward you through the jagged pass
The wind blowing through the flowing grass

Deep sighs as you lie down
A silent gesture to the hallowed ground
Bring upon a slow descent
And put to words what it all meant

Torn shadows from the bending shoot
Harken from the extendng root
The light from your glowing eyes
will ease the pain and the tears you cry

Its the difficulty of lies
The difficulty of self
Upon which you rest all your life
Only to put it on the shelf
If only you had in mind
They'd carry us all away

Rapid City

Written By: Nate Kendall

V1: Tracings framed on foreighn unions
sign on to face faceless failings
Set to finnaly frowning upon it
Put aside in the reserved space in my wallet

Bent and aching over reaping
Tied up with the oxen ever walking
its suitable for a picture frame
Its' space reserved on the wall
It only needs a name

And now the auburn man is smiling
In light of this I know I have to frown
I'm starting to forget all the big words that I know
But your still fitting nicely into your wedding gown

Walk slowly without aging
Kept groomed through the longest day
I never thought you'd look so good outside of Rapid City
Your Mothers' face and Fathers eyes glow everytime I say
Your home


Released their debut album, Face to Face, in May of 2003.

Set List

Typical show consists of:

-Two 70-80 minute sets
-80% original material