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"Delmar Browns Total Victory"

Delmar Browns Total Victory
Story & Photo by Jay Matsueda

Delmar Brown is a true superstar. This
keyboardist/pianist/composer has played and composed
for some of musics most influential contemporary
musicians like Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Quincy Jones
and Jaco Pastorius. Hes collaborated with Peter
Gabriel and Youssou N. Dour, and even played on
Stings second solo album and supporting tour.

Where is he now? Enjoying Total Victory with his
World Pop Experience band. He literally just finished
his first solo album entitled Total Victory and has,
count them, SIX more CDs in post-production. When
Metro>LA asked why he waited this long to record and
release his best work at this particular time, Delmar
cited that it had a lot to do with the ability to get
the music out there. He recently solidified a deal
with Apple to distribute through the popular itunes

The CD is powerful and inspirational. Delmar
personally describes it as a relevant, real-life
recording addressing issues we all have and that
really focuses on positive messages. Lyrical themes
range from environmentalism to eternal friendship to
pursuing your dreams and everything in between. He
calls Total Victory a revolution of the human
spirit. Its an album complex enough to keep an
audiophiles attention, but simple and catchy enough
to appeal to wide audiences.

Metro>LA caught an April Delmar show on the Sunset
Strip, with a special All-Star supporting band that
included, for instance, the brilliant celebrity
bassist Darryl Jones. The band was exciting and true
to its mission. The songs were everything they were
meant to be and executed with equal energy to the
studio recordings. The audience was into it and the
band was giving every bit of the energy right back and
more. Delmar was on fire and his solos were insane. As
Delmar continues to tour the world over in support of
his recent accomplishments, find a way to see him play
and, in the meantime, his record is fully accessible
through itunes or - Story & Photo by Jay Matsueda



Delmar Brown
Vocals, Piano, Synthesist, Composer, Arranger, Producer


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Who is Delmar Brown...

Delmar Brown - musician, composer, performer, visionary, and student of the World.
The 'Delmar Brown World Pop Experience' brings together exciting musical elements from all over the planet and fuses them together to form a unique blend of music which he himself has termed 'World Pop'.

This vision of musical unification from many different cultural sources and American pop music comes from a person whose life has allways been surrounded by music from a variety of cultures. As a young man, Delmar Brown was a shining star in Bloomington, Illinois where he was active in church as a pianist, singer and organist. Delmar admired the great jazz rnusicians of his youth, citing Jimmy Smith, Herbie Hancock, and Oscar Peterson among his earliest influences. Gospel greats like Mahalia Jackson, James Cleveland and C.L. Franklin were a large part of his earliest vocal influences.

After studying at Berklee College of Music, the training ground of some of the finest jazz musicians today, Delmar went on to play and compose for some of the most influential musicians in the global industry including Gil Evans, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Jaco Pastroius and many others. Delmar's travel experiences and love of the music of the world brought him in contact with innovative pop musicians who included elements of world music in their own music. Throughout the years Delmar has collaborated with such notable figures as Sting, Youssou N'Dour, and Peter Gabriel.

Today Delmar Brown combines the smooth sound of jazz, the earthiness of world music and the high energy of pop music to drive 'The Delmar Brown World Pop Experience', mixing musical elements from the Caribbean to Eastern Europe. The music itself is truly unique, and has the potential to reach deeply into one's soul with its throbbing rhythm and 'grounded' sound to touch and uplift you. When you listen to 'The Delmar Brown World Pop Experience', your being will be so full of good feelings and energy that you'll want to experience it over and over again!

World Pop Music
The latest CD from Delmar Brown is much like the future of music that trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie predicted in his autobiography. In Dizzy's book 'To Be, or Not to Bop', the jazz icon describes the future of music to be 'like a quilt with all of the worlds music represented on the different patches. The World Pop Experience is akin to this quilt that Dizzy anticipated many years ago. A quilt with patches of Brazilian rhythm, the pulse of reggae, vocal influences of gospel, exotic sounds of Middle Eastern music, and the vibrant drumming of Africa combined with American pop. The result is a compositional soundscape that is contemporary, rich and fresh.

Delmar Brown, the driving force behind 'The World Pop Experience', packs this new release with 12 original songs, from the Brazilian-influenced Bahia to the reggae influenced Jah Man Jah. The performances aIways challenge musical boundaries and skillfully blend diverse influences. 'The World Pop Experience' is Delmar Brown’s vehicle to take his music of the world - to the world.