Delmore is a Hardrock/Experimental band with hints of Dance. Starting in January of this year we have come a long way in a little time. We are based out of two towns Dupo,IL and Imperial MO. We have also started to experiment with music in different genres to create some new sounds.


Apart from what was said in our elevator pitch, we're five guys who love music and love to create music. We discovered early on that our individual backgrounds and musical influences were helping us create music that is energetic and original. Those influences include classical, blues, punk, emo, screamo, jazz and even gospel. Some of our favorite artists are Bayside, Brand New, Shiny Toy Guns, Thrice, Coheed and Cambria, Jonezetta, KISS, Cheap Trick and Rush.


We just finished a three song demo last month and hope to go back to the studio by the end of the year and record a five song EP. Big thanks to 2016 Records and Studios in St Louis.

Set List

Our first gig is August 10th and our set list will consist of the following songs, not necessarily in this order. Fame Is A Body Count, Hollowtown, Nightmares, Breaking the Broken, In Lost Memory, and The Interrogation. These are all original material, but we are considering adding a cover or two at a later time.