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The best kept secret in music


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The Connection*
All tracks produced by Ceylon Productions, except for 2, 5, 6, 11 & 12

1. Dear God
2. Music 4 Da Soul
3. Lifetimes
4. Irresistible
5. Get Loose
6. Killer Styles
7. Calor De La Salsa
8. A Lesson Learned
9. Change Da Game
10. Jeevithe
11. Get It Crunk
12. Righteous Way
13. Be About Yours


Feeling a bit camera shy


Though his heritage comes from the island of Sri Lanka, DeLon grew up in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 12, he began deejaying as a hobby and in the following years was able to acquire the skill necessary to begin deejaying in clubs around Hollywood. From the age of 16 until he graduated from college, DeLon continued to deejay and hone his skills on the microphone, attending numerous competitions to test his skills. From there and after his graduation from college, he began producing professionally for other artists. Not agreeing with the lyrical content of the artists he produced for and disheartened by their misuse of the power of the microphone, he stopped producing for certain artists and began solely producing for those artists who shared the same message of unity he did. Since then, DeLon has been working tirelessly on his solo debut album in hopes of bringing a new paradigm to rap music.

DeLon’s musical purpose is to bring unity among people and to educate them through his lyrics. “Rap music is such a powerful tool and, if used to educate, can help change the world.” His style is unique and cannot be sonically compared with any rapper in the game. Unlike many rappers before him, DeLon has traveled to over 33 countries, collecting music and knowledge along the way. “From my studies of life and history, I have realized that my people and Indians as well, have their roots in Africa. Knowing this, the fighting within our own race, much less that all around the world, is absolutely ridiculous.” Much of DeLon’s music encompasses the idea of reuniting the African race in its totality. Other subjects that are heavily touched on include world poverty and the gratitude that we as Americans should show for the prosperity we have. “Life in America, even in the poorest of neighborhoods, can not even compare to the way a beggar in South India lives.”
DeLon hopes to open up a new perspective within the rap genre. His Sri Lankan descent has already created a base sense of curiosity amongst his rapping peers, and this is only heightened by his uncommon lyrics and highly entertaining performance style.

DeLon’s debut album The Connection contains beats that are very eclectic, mixing different styles of music into tight hip-hop. DeLon uses his multi-cultural experiences to create unique sounds and fuse hip-hop with salsa, soca, Sri Lankan Classical, Indian Classical, Sounds of Asia and Africa. The album is one-of-a-kind with lyrics in English, Spanish, and Sinhalese.
The Connection is meant to share and tell the story of the familial connection between the Indians, Sri Lankans, and Africans, as well as to connect all the cultures of the world together through music using each country’s respective indigenous sounds fused with hip-hop.