Delores Boudreau

Delores Boudreau


"Delores Boudreau has such a clear and perfect voice that can take your breath away". - Dan MacDonald, Cape Breton Post ********************* 902.631.3858


"Will it never end? Just when you thought you had heard the best new Cape Breton singer, along comes Delores Boudreau from Isle Madame and changes everything."
-- Stephen Pedersen - Halifax Herald

In it’s uniqueness, there is a familiarity in Delores Boudreau’s voice. You will hear traces of Alison Krauss and Dolly Parton. Besides the sweetness and purity of her voice, Delores brings incomparable energy and charisma to the stage. The combination of her distinctive voice and dynamic stage presence creates a performance that leaves you wanting more.
Delores has been honoured with nominations for the Nova Scotia Music Awards in Folk Roots and Best Female Artist categories. She is also a past winner of the Vocal Performance Category at Le Gala de la Chanson de la Nouvelle-Ecosse.

She has performed on a diverse group of stages as well. Her career highlights so far include performances for the Rendezvous Folk! Festival, television documentary 'Patrimoine mondial au bord de la mer', The East Coast Music Awards Showcases and the 1st International Acadian Cajun Festival of Québec.

Delores is currently celebrating the release of her 2nd full-length CD entitled 'Finally Home'. The CD, produced by master folk icon Paul Mills, shows off Delores's voice as well as her songwriting talents. Delores has had a who's-who of talent on her first two recordings, such as Natalie MacMaster, Kevin Evans, Richard Wood, Dave MacIsaac, and most recently John McDermott and Cindy Church.

Delores was raised in Arichat, a small community on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. Growing up in such a richly musical and bilingual community, it is no surprise that she developed her singing skills in both English and French. The music of this multi-genre dynamo is best described as Maritime folk, bluegrass-inspired, lively and upbeat. The press has described Delores as having 'dynamic stage presence', bringing a 'fresh new sound' and being 'uniquely enchanting'. Her songwriting speaks of the inner life familiar to us all.

This diminutive dynamo is an ambassador for all the best things Nova Scotia music and culture have to show.


Finally Home

Written By: Delores Boudreau

Finally home,
In the safety of your chair
Knowing you belong,
You don't have to go somewhere
Feeling peace and gratitude,
You've got nothing to lose
You're finally home

Finally home,
You have found the place for you
It's kind of strange,
For the feeling is so new
After searching all these years,
You cannot hold back the tears
You're finally home

Doesn't matter what you do
All you have to be is you
With your possibilities
It doesn't matter what you say
Love will guide you on your way
To where you were meant to be...
You're finally home

Finally home,
In the arms of your divine
You are not alone and
You're feeling oh so fine
You've found shelter from the cold,
You've found comfort for you soul
You're finally home


Written By: Delores Boudreau

There is something about you
That calls out my name
Ever since I met you
Things haven't been the same
That something about you
I really can't explain
Yet ever since I met you
My whole world has changed

You came out of nowhere
Appearing suddenly
And I wasn't quite ready
For what you do to me
My heart had been so broken
Lord, I was on the mend
Then you came out of nowhere
The life I knew would end

You came with a vengeance
It brought me to my knees
I didn't know what hit me
Won't someone tell me please
How did you know to find me
How did you know the time
How do you know the secret
Between your heart and mine
How do you

In Your Eyes

Written By: Delores Boudreau

In your eyes, I saw that frightened little boy
Your arms were stretched out to me
You were longing to let the pain be
In your eyes, in your more

What did she do to you, what didn't she do?
Was she there when you needed to cry?
It's now o.k. for I am with you
Now those days have all passed you by

Can I give you now, what she couldn’t then?
Can I call you my bundle of joy?
It's now o.k. to let the fear die
Cause I can love your little boy

In your eyes, in your more
Cause I=ll love you forever, in my eyes.


NEW RELEASE... Finally Home, 2006
DEBUT CD... me, my Self & moi, 2002
LIVE CD... Geraldine's Angels, 2004
2004 MIANS Compilation CD
2005 Keith's Compilation CD... Roadworthy

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Set List

- Finally Home
- I Won't Worry Anymore
- Oh, Do Your Remember
- Vive Le Vin
- The Well's Gone Dry
- Johnny Be Fair
- Song Of No Returning
- Can't Get Enough Of You
- In Your Eyes
- Priere a L'Univers
- Something
- Mon Ami
- Wise Child
- Song of the Soul/Logdriver's Waltz
- Champs-Elysées
- 2:22
- Quand il etait chez son père
- Fear a' Bhata/Partons la Mer est Belle
- Les Oiseaux des Champs
- Les Blues de l'Acadie
- I Am More
- Murphy's Pond
- Sarah
- Donne-moi la main/Calin' Mo Ruinsa
- Grain de Mil
- Down the Road