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Fun, upbeat and aggressive Electro House and Hip-Hop Producer from Southern California. Guaranteed dance party


Melquan Gomez-Jones, better known by his stage name DeLorian, is an electro-house and hip hop producer and DJ from Southern California. DeLorian produces a variety of styles ranging from heavy electro, and house to down-tempo hip hop and soul. His influences are broadly spread from original funk and soul to new age dance and club music. DeLorian’s versatile style of production has made it possible for him to collaborate with artists of all genres ranging from rap and indie, to house and punk music. He’s currently working on his first solo album and in support of it will be releasing his first solo EP entitled “DeLorian’s Orphan EP” set to release in April of 2013


DeLorian's 88MPH Beat Tape (Compilation of beats for hip-hop artists) - Released August 2012

DeLorian's Orphan EP - Released April 2013

Set List

Live Set: DeLorian's Orphan EP, and a collection of remixes by DeLorian for several other artists.

DJ Set: Electro, House, Hip-Hop and EDM. Music from all eras as well as DeLorian's own original electro and hip-hop productions