Drinking good wine in a tree house with Leonard Cohen, Patrick Wolf, and Patti Smith under a blue moon would yield the kind of conversation that Delphi's music spans--histories explored with a deep, fierce voice and passionate vision.


Delphi is the solo project of singer/songwriter Cheryl Anderson. The Shadowsongs EP was written, performed, produced, and recorded by Anderson during 2006-2007, and tracks 1, 2, and 4 were mastered at Black Bottle Recordings.

LYRICS Excerpt:
The Shadow Song: "Turned the mirror into a color TV...Lucille Ball screamed at the changes in me..."

Sword and Stone: "And might we be the dream the butterfly knew/as she was asleep in the air before her skin became the planets that you drew/as you woke up today to realize their eyes were watching god."

Delilah to Mary: "Mother Mary, Mother Mary, how does your garden grow? With ashes and lipstick stuck in the ground, night follows you where ever you go..."

Amaranth: "Lonely boy, hold tight, your arms in mine/the stars are the books of the sky. Read them well, and dwell, on the times to come/your holy one is the daughter of the sun."

Mother of My Mind: "Oh moth that never sleeps, with translucent wings she weeps the sounds of Neptune in, seaweed's filling up my hand, the moth becomes an angel's skin, with wings of white."

Cheryl Anderson grew up loving the written word and music, studying piano between the ages of eight and twelve and writing and drawing constantly. She graduated high school with intent to pursue writing at the University of North Texas, where she graduated with an English degree in 2005. Here she wrote her first songs, which she played at coffee shops and Open Mic Nights around Denton.

In 2006, Anderson tightened her performance skills and bought a Roland RD-300 Stage Piano. In 2007 she joined Denton-based Minx Burlesque and began playing to packed clubs as the character Valhalla DeVile. Burlesque honed Anderson’s performance ability, and due to crowded stages, she began her signature standing, rather than sitting, at the piano. She has since performed solo at Dan’s Silverleaf, Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio, Hailey’s Club, Secret Headquarters and The Eighth Continent numerous times with such acts as MOM, Silk Stocking, Shiny Around the Edges, and George Neal. Her writing has been published in the Adirondack Review and IndieWriter.Net, a local Denton literary journal of which she was the first female contributor. Anderson works as a copywriter to support her music addiction. For more information, please see:,


The Shadow Song

Written By: Cheryl Anderson

Spider's crawlin' on my bedroom wall
makes me wonder whether to sleep at all
If you're here, or if you are a ghost
let me know so I can drink my host.
I turned the mirror into a color tv
Lucille Ball screamed at the changes in me
Flowers, seasons, hayfeilds, the horse is free
the earth is just a wheel when you are the sea
And I was singin' to a shadow
I guess you know how I feel
I was singin' to a thundercloud
guess you know I'm not real

Tore apart my new wedding dress
Got it for a steal and it's not Halloween yet
Thought you wouldn't mind if I showed up as a dead Jackie O but you're not Jack Ruby yet

And are you one of the beautiful ones
who keeps me hangin' on
I was one of the beautiful ones
you sold me for a song

Well, don't, don't go in there
the door's not open now for you anymore
I must've locked it up and thrown away the key
I think it's hidden somewhere underneath the floor but I've forgotten how to breathe I've forgotten how to speak, I've even forgotten how to do it with some teeth
but since you seem to be just a ghost upon the breeze, all I ask is that you really leave
I was singin' to a shadow I guess you know how I feel I was singin' to a thundercloud
I guess you know
I'm not real


Written By: Cheryl Anderson

I saw god in a raincloud
god walking in old skin, in dark skin
In skin weathered and worn and barely there at all
And god always says hello, how are you doing? I say, I am better now, Thank you,
And he walks away back home
to feed the stray cats
and to laugh at the sky
I saw god and she was eight years old
a girl who talks in rhymes and keeps wondering why
God isn't liked by most of the other kids
So she heads to the empty baseball diamond where she sits and spins a dandelion
and passes her knowledge on to a horsefly.

I ran into god, it was a sign I wasn't looking out for as I walked
In a stride too long with a breath too short
I was late for work and I didn't have time to look both ways
Before I crossed the street
And Bam, I hit a sign. It'd been raining all day and I never carry an umbrella
But the sign said YEILD
It was a pyramid, a pyramid inverted with the widest part to the sky
I say that the Eye is not for a few
But for us all
And God is Truth
And God is War
And God is Peace
And God is You
And Heaven is You
Heaven is all around me don't you see
I say that heaven is all around
and in between
And in between I saw a rose
A rose in full bloom

Sword and Stone

Written By: Cheryl Anderson (Delphi)

Copyright 2007 Cheryl Anderson All Rights Reserved

"Sword and Stone"

I never thought you could pigeon hole the world in a few
but choice words the world is torn oh
ripped between your sword and stone
I never thought you could hypnotize the mind
until I stopped believing the time and space we travel through
is not so wide and i see meteors where your tie
is supposed to go

Around the block is the Museum of My Thoughts
and my thoughts are like rocks making ripples in the space
between my dreams and the shore
I will not wait for you or anyone else to come
open the door
come open the door

Wait that's just the air we breathe
on the lake of leaves
when we speak of what we think
they put us underwater
Oh how I wish that I could just be
a sword and stone
a sword and stone

And tell me where do we go when the sky
runs out of sand the hourglass is looking humid
and everything feels like the storm is going to blow
(Dorothy killed herself, you know)

And might we be the dream the butterfly knew
as she was asleep in the air before her skin became the planets
that you drew as you woke up today
to realize their eyes were watching
their eyes were watching their eyes were watching
their eyes were watching god
Watchmaker's watching
Watchmaker's watching
Watchmaker's watching god

Copyright 2007 Cheryl Anderson All Rights Reserved


September 2007: Shadowsongs EP available at CD Baby and iTunes

January 2006: The Remembering available at CD Baby and iTunes

COMING SPRING OF 2008: Blood on the Moon Water, full-lenghth studio album

Set List

Mostly originals, usually one cover a show. Shows can range anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour.