I love writing memorable, moving lyrics that translate ideas and emotions into meaningful, enjoyable music which makes emotional impact on people. A song should find resonance in the hearts or experience of ordinarily special human beings, articulating their thoughts or celebrating who they are.


Born in South Africa, I began to play piano at my father's knee. I wrote my first publicized song at 16, and was strongly influenced by Amy Grant, Michael W Smith and Kathy Troccoli. Later, several songs made it to national TV, mostly songs about multi-racial reconciliation and hope, adding a touch of ethnic rhythms. Although fairly young, I began to coach bands and worship teams from 18 onwards. It's my privilege to have been a music director for nearly 20 years and worship leader for 3 churches on 2 continents. Author of 10 musicals, I enjoy the challenge of writing for ordinary people to sing and perform, while carrying the precious eternal message of God's love to us all. I write wedding songs, theme-based ones and many Christmas ones.


Come Home for Christmas

Written By: Delray Agnes

Verse 1
Come home for Christmas, baby,
I miss you so;
I watch the window since I watched you go.
Feels like forever since we’ve been together -
I pray your heart will hear and hurry you back home!

Sax Solo

Verse 2
Come home for Christmas, baby,
I need you near;
It isn’t really Christmas until you’re here.
We’ve been apart too long, let’s make a fresh start -
The snow is falling and we’ll never shed a tear

Come home for Christmas, baby,
Come home to me;
I’ll wait ‘til you arrive to put up the tree.
We’ll play the carols and the Christmas songs -
You sing the melody, and I’ll sing harmony.

Sax Solo

Verse 3
Come home for Christmas, baby,
Remember love;
I had to let you go or give you up.
But your returning is my constant yearning,
So let me see your face and we’ll thank God above.

Shadow of A Cross

Written By: Delray Agnes

Verse 1
The Child asleep in the cradle was the brightness of the dawn.
To save the world from its helpless state
Was the purpose for which He was born.
But the hopes and dreams of a future king
Seem remote in a cattle pen,
And the only homage that He received
Was from shepherds and foreign men.

Verse 2
An angel choir sang His herald in the stillness of the night
An evening star - with adoring praise -
Was ablaze with direction and light.
But the many others for whom He came
Had no room for the Son of God.
And the light across the stable floor cast a shadow of a Cross.

Children are born to live;
This One was born to die!
Right from the very start,
He was a ransom for the human heart.
Destined for Calvary,
God’s Gift for you and me;
So that we might be free
From the shadow of a Cross,
He bore the shadow
Of a Cross.

Verse 3
The mother holding her Baby knew that destiny had come;
The prophecy said that He would be
The Messiah, the Chosen One.
And as humble strangers were worshipping
Her king without a crown,
Her heart experienced the pain of thorns -
And the shadow of a Cross.


Window To Your Soul

Written By: Delray Agnes

Everybody’s selling something

Every one is on display

Everybody’s trying to give impressions

That we think we should portray

Like an artist on his canvass,

Or a dancer with her moves

Like a poet with creative phrases

Like a drummer and his grooves

There’s a window to your soul
Though you scramble to control
Every image others see beyond the view.
When you’re loved for who you are -
Every flaw and every scar,
There’s no need to be afraid
When someone stops beside your life
And looks inside
The window to your soul.

Set List

CHRISTMAS SET (all original numbers)
Come Home For Christmas
If It Was My Birthday
Tell Somebody
Shadow Of A Cross
I Lean On You
What Will You Do?
No Trumpets Blowing