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2003 - The Explanation.

2004 - Think Again.

2006 - Honesty.

2008 - The Journey.



Delta 14 is a rap artist based in Toronto but as his name suggests he is not another run of the mill rapper indulging in drug fables and tales of money, cars, jewelry and women.

When asked about the reason behind the name he can only offer that "some personal situations arose when I was 14 that made me have to alter my way of thinking completely. Mostly about myself, the world, people around me and my future". "Since delta means change" he continues "the name made sense... unless I wanted to call myself 'change 14'.......Not happening".

He has currently finished his 4th solo album 'The Journey' which is nationally distributed in Canada to all retail stores and available worldwide via itunes, amazon, puretracks and all other on-line stores. He has also began recording an up coming album named 'Nuestra'

Though he may be performing in shows and recording albums now when his dream to be a rapper started he could have never pictured this. Born in Nairobi, Kenya he says he wasn't exposed to music at all. "Sitting and listening to music wasn't something a kid would do, the only music I ever did hear was Kenny Rogers and other country stuff cause my Mum was really into country".

It was only until he moved to England when he was 5 years old that he was introduced to rap. "My brother bought 'the chronic' by dre and after I heard that it was over, I was hooked but it wasn't until Tupac that I realised I loved rap". "I started writing when I was about 8 but when I spat the rhymes in school some of my friends dissed me so I just stopped" he says of his earlier years as an aspiring rapper.

When he moved back to Kenya when he was 9 it seemed the rapper in him had died. "I never even thought about rapping anymore, none the less I didn't have anything to write about. The stuff that had happened to me was either too personal to write about or too trivial". It was when he was 14 that he began writing but it would still be years before he found his own voice. "When I was about 14 I decided to try rapping thus started rapping like what I was hearing from commercial artists in America. Guns, girls blah blah but that just wasn't me. I may have had situations that were poignant but none of them had to do with drugs or guns at that time". At 15 was when Delta 14 was born.

He recorded his first album at 16, it was a collaboration with some school mates and they sold it at a talent show at his high school in Kenya and were able to move 100 units (considering the school had 400 students that was impressive at the time). After that he recorded his first solo album 'The Explanation' and handed it out for free to people in his year. "I just didn't know if I was good enough to sell it, I thought it only fair just to hand it out". After he saw that people actually liked his music he recorded a second album 'Think again" and yet again handed out copies for free to close friends but sold units to people in his school and city. His 3rd album 'Honesty' was recorded in Canada in 2006 but not released "I wanted my 3rd album to be perfect but 'Honesty' had some songs I didn't like so I just kept it to myself.".

Now after being able to record his 4th album in a professional studio, he says "this will be my best album to date by far". His confidence shows from the start as he professes on the intro on the album "Welcome, to a masterpiece".

When asked what he would like for his career he answers "You know I used to say I didn’t want to be a ‘huge artist’ or sell a lot of records in my lifetime but after being honest with myself I realized that what I want to be is the best artist I can be. Now if that means I will sell a lot of records so be it but what I will always be is true to the artist I am".