Delta Blues Dogs

Delta Blues Dogs


Delta Blues Dogs are a San Diego duo bringing unabashed, straight ahead classic delta blues from the 20's and 30's to coffee shops and clubs today.


Neal Watkins hails from New York City and has years of experience playing hot lead guitar in clubs in the style of the blues rock greats.

Neal has a great passion for the delta blues and studies the history and style of the greats.

Neal plays in a style that pays tribute to the best of the original innovators of the Delta Blues such as: Robert Johnson, Skip James, Willie Brown, Son House, Charlie Patton and many others.

Randy Altis is a recent transplant from Northern California where he was influenced by a wide variety of music and played guitar in a acoustic folk and bluegrass band for eight years.

Since then harmonica has become his main instrument of choice.

Randy’s passion for harmonica music came after hearing Sonny Terry for the first time and then later was greatly inspired by Norton Buffalo’s amazing talent.

Since then artists like Walter Horton, Charlie Musselwhite, James Cotton, Rod Piazza, William Clark, Paul Delay and jazz greats Toots Thielemens, Tommy Morgan, Howard Levy and Larry Adler have all influenced his playing.

Both Neal and Randy are also huge jazz fans.

We strive for:
Guitar and vocals that produce a feast of varied tones and emotions, creating a tension and release that is cathartic and satisfying.

Harmonica playing filled with expression that paints an emotional backdrop to each song as gritty and authentic as a Mississippi juke joint.


Missisippi Blues
Kind Hearted Women
Terraplane Blues
Devil Got My Women
Hellhound on my trail

Set List

We choose from our list of songs for each show depending on how long the show is. We can play any length sets because we have plenty of material to draw from.

Neal's Boogie
Table in Heaven -GD
Kind Hearted Women -RJ
Buck Dancer -SM
(grown so ugly) - RW
jesus met the woman - trad-DVR
Diddy wah Diddy - BB
grandfathers Clock -
Keep it Clean - CJ
Candy Man - JH
Cocaine - trad - DVR
Mississippi Blues - WB
Way I feel this Morning - trad - DVR
Tennnesee Blues - SB
Skinny Woman - RB
Mississippi Blues - WB
Come Back Baby - trad - LC

Country Rock - WB
Chumpman Blues - BB
Statsboro Blues - WM

Police Dog Blues
Little Martha
God Don't never Change
Drop Down Mama
(bessie breakfast)
Cant Get Satisfied
(heavin Sittin Down)
(Holy Ghost)
lamp trimmed & Burning

Come into my Kitchen -RJ
Terraplane Blues - RJ
(Heart Gets Broken)
Crossroad - RJ
Ramblin -RJ
Judgement Day

Devil Got my Woman -SJ
I'm So Glad-SJ