RRP Trio

RRP Trio


Deluge is certainly one of the most original, energetic, and inspiring up and coming Providence based bands to hit the scene. Deluge is quite reminicent of early 70's Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, and King Crimson with a very modern touch.


Deluge is one of the most unique, energetic, and inspiring Providence based bands to ever hit the scene. Deluge formed in April of 2005 and has been quickly evovling since. Our goal is to create an original sound that is accessible to the everyday listener, though offers a fun and challenging listen to somone paying attention; this is the fine line we strive to meet. Our music is highly composed which displays our jazz and classical influences, but one cannot deny our roots in rock, funk, groove and improvised music. What makes Deluge different from other bands is that a.) three out of four of us are studying music/composition at the collegiate level, which gives us the knowlege to produce quality consistently, with longevity b.) we have more influences than many bands combined which gives us a much more diverse sound c.) we all practice feverishly as a group and individually, and we all teach on our given instrument at least part time ( in the same shop as well!). Deluge has been playing frequently at the Century Lounge, one of Providence RI's finest clubs and also at the famous Ralphs Diner in Worcester Ma. We are inluenced by artists who specifically write with the idea of expressing philosophies of music as well as a deep conception of musical ideas etc Frank Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Miles Davis, James Brown, John Coltrane.


Deluge EP

Tune 4
Chocolate Pigeon
Mine Shaft
Mega Man

Set List

Mega Man- 5 min
Sore Eyes- 6 min
Probiotics- 6 min
This Time- 10 min
Tune Four- 5 min
Chocolate Pigeon- 7 min
Flynch- 7 min
Mine Shaft- 7 min
Kweezy- 5 min
Welp- 6 min