Deluxe Leisure King

Deluxe Leisure King


Jangly powerpop with smartass lyrics and hooks that stick like the creamy nougat in a candy bar. Compared to the best of the 80's indie best: IRS era REM, the dB's, the Windbreakers, early Elvis Costello.


Formed in 2002 as the result of couple of brews at a bar-b-q and to come through on a boast of being able to provide a live sound, Deluxe Leisure King has evolved thanks to devotees of the jangly sound and the belief that pop is alive and well. Releasing "15 Minutes of Shame" in 2004, the DLK received acclaim and comparisons to the likes of IRS era REM, The dB's, The Windbreakers, early Elvis Costello and scored a track ("She's So Nervous") in the Margaret Cho film "Bam Bam And Celeste" and Became regulars on the International Pop Overthrow circuit. Their sophomore effort, 2006's "Debbie Does Nothing", pays homage to powerpop, psychedelia, folk and americana, while holding fast to their jangly roots and was named to Not Lame Recordings' "Best of The Best 2006" Catalog. Their current single, "Wanna Girl(Like That)", will be included on the Smashed Records' 7" vinyl compilation, Transcontinental Pop Controversey and will be available in Australia and Japan June 2007.


"15 Minutes of Shame", 2004 (full length CD)
"Hide From Cindy/International Pop Overthrow Vol 7", not lame recordings 2004 (Compilation)
"Hate To Love"/International Pop Overthrow Vol. 8", not lame recordings 2005 (Compilation)
"Debbie Does Nothing", 2006 (Full Length CD)
"Wanna Girl(Like That)/International Pop Controversey" , 2007 Smashed Records (Compilation)
"Miss Steak" , expected 2007 (Full Length CD)

Set List

Enough Original Material for Two Full Sets
Assorted Eclectic Covers