Del Vezeau

Del Vezeau

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Del writes tunes for self amusement and could really care less if he made a dollar selling records. He has come to enjoy performing live and mixes his music with his dark sense of humour. No pandering soft shoe here.


The son of Ontarians, Del grew up on the South Shore of Nova Scotia and came back 'home' in 1990. He started playing guitar at the age of eleven with instruction from his Dad in the Bluegrass vein but had quickly moved into areas of progressive music during his early teens. He ditched the electric in favour of his acoustic work in the early nineties, cut his hair and has never looked back. His early work was very Latin influenced and he saw himself touring in far away places like Guatemala in 1994. A part time musician until 2001, Del has undergone a remarkable evolution as a song writer and entertainer. He has toured extensively with Don Ross, performed a solo show for the final evening of the 2004 Montreal Jazz Festival and has organized Canada's first guitar festival (
His music, stage presence and ability to connect with auidences is gaining wider footholds with each performance.


Paradigm - 1999 Independent
Irregular Pulse - 2004 Independent

Set List

A 2 - 2.5 hr show with an intermission at the 50 - 60 min mark.