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"...a master at his craft"

"Fingerstyle guitarist Del Vezeau is a master at his craft. Performing original classical pieces, Vezeau creates wonderfully stunning aurascapes with just his skillful solo guitar work. Equally adept at delivering soft, flowing passages as he is at lightning quick arpeggios, Vezeau maintains steady handiwork throughout this exuberant collection of songs. A true work of art. Bravo!" - Metronome Magazine

"For Paradigm"

"Skillfully mixing classical, flamenco and world music flavors onto his new CD, Paradigm, Canadian guitarist Del Vezeau offers solo acoustic guitar tracks that invite the listener to share in a magical journey, as he stretches the preconceptions for both his instrument and his musical form. Dispensing with production enhancements such as overdubbing, Vezeau captures the intimacy of his live performances in his recording--tracks such as "Black Angus" and "Whispered" displaying stirring guitarwork and an expressive array of subtle inflections. Another song, "Blackhash", refers to two disparate sources for it's title--Jimmy Page's work in DADGAD tuning on "Black Mountain Side" and the subtle Middle Eastern styling of the piece. Paradigm will appeal to fans of evocative acoustic guitar played by a man who clearly demonstrates his passion for the instrument."
- Guitar Nine Magazine

"Irregular Pulse"

"Point number one....if you are looking for a CD that is simply acoustic guitar and no accompaniment...this is for you. Point number two....if you are looking for acoustic guitar background music while you wink at your lady and slurp your linguine...look somewhere else! This album is impressive on two levels. One - No fluff! No background accompaniment, no sound processing, no vocals, no nothing....Del's playing stands on it's own. Two - The compositions are great! I became aware of Del from an email and got stacked on the huge 'Maybe I'll get to it someday' pile. So by the time I got around to it, my patience was anything but cordial. Wouldn't you know it...the first song I listened to was 'August to October'. I'm thinking to myself...not bad, but not great...he's speeding up as he plays, the first sign of an amateur. But I listen gets faster. It's starting to sink in that it's supposed to be like this. Then at 3 minutes into the 6 minute song, I find myself staring at my computer screen, completely focused on listening to this performance! 4:13 minutes, I'm bobbing my head...4:40, I'm jumping in my chair...5:05 I'm making wacko gestures with my arms and cranking the volume in my headphones...5:43 I'm calling to my wife to come and hear this! O.K....breather....I have the entire 'Irregular Pulse' album here, so I move to the next song, the title song of the album. As the name describes, this tune is for guitarist's ears only! Fast and clean, but definitely not mainstream! For the finger pickers out there, this is a MUST HAVE! As I move through the songs on the album and the times we live in, I am drawn to a song called 'Plaid Jihad'. Half expecting some wacked out 'Death to Easterners' theme or a 'Sitar Solo', I find myself laughing at the beginning of the tune...being of Scottish decent myself, I'm just diggin' this concept! How one guy can make these sounds on one guitar is amazing to me. I'm feeling the need for more lessons... My ONLY critique of this recording is that it sounds like the microphone was too close to the guitar or that the levels were set too high and a slight distortion occurs. Beyond that, this is a 'Kickin' Listen'! In conclusion, my opinion of Del Vezeau's album 'Irregular Pulse' is necessary listening for the finger picker as well as the rock guitarist. He plays cleanly and mixes things up to avoid repetitive monotony. We can all learn from that no matter what our style is. This recording is not for the casual listener. This is for the guitar enthusiast! You think you're good? Listen to this record. If it doesn't inspire you....find a new instrument to play.
'nuff said.
With a fresh set of strings, I'm Dave Alexander"
- The Canadian Guitar Players Association

"For Irregular Pulse"

From Canada comes this great acoustic guitarist Del Vezeau.
After his first album “Paradigm” which was great, know there is
his new album Irregular Pulse. Del Vezeau is one of the best
Canadian acoustic guitarists among Don Ross, Alex Houghton,
Bob Evans and for instance Kevin Cardamore. Del Vezeau made
this album together with Don Ross, who produced and recorded
this album. The first track on Irregular Pulse is called August to
October and Del Vezeau really captures a listener in first class
melody line building and in a melancholic, expressive melody.
You can hear well, Del played a lot of Spanish guitar music as
he plays expressive and emotional guitar music. Emotion I see
as the basic of music and this is what Del is a master in
producing such a atmosphere. No Guff is certainly one of the
best pieces onthis album, as it has groove, a great melody line,
balance and unique technical playing in a great ambiance.
Rattlesnake Free absorbs you with a great dose of emotion
and the melody line is again fabulous, with a nice dropped
bass, which gives this track this melancholic feeling in an
Eastern setting.Threedom reminds me of one of the best
ballads of Don Ross, you hear intimacy and artistic playing
in a extreme balanced melody it really moves one inside.
It proves that interaction through only a record has such a
high impact. Right of Passage has this great percussive
and touching atmosphere in pictured framed landscapes,
which is also reflected on this great track “I have Decided .
Del Vezeau is a immense versatile guitarist and he creates
such great interactive guitar music which is seldom found in
one guitarist.

Henk te Veldhuis
Bridge Guitar Reviews. - Bridge Guitar Reviews.

"For Paradigm"

"A master of mixing classical and flamenco guitar styles with a more progressive acoustic sound influenced by Jimmy Page, Canadian guitarist Del Vezeau breaks new ground with his latest album Paradigm. Vezeau studied bluegrass guitar early on, but back in the 80's cultivated his progressive influences through an appreciation of greats like Pink Floyd, Yes and Zappa. Vezeau also readily confesses to his admiration of finger-style guitar wiz Don Ross. For fans of acoustic guitar instrumentals, it doesn't get much better than Paradigm. With it's array of atmospheric acoustic guitar paintings, delivered with just the right amount of musical muscle, Paradigm highlights ten Vezeau instrumentals composed between 1987-98. Extra mention should go to the up close and personal recording applications implemented here which fully captures every detail and nuance of Vezeau's unmistakable talent and technique." - 20th Century Guitar Magazine


Paradigm - 1999 Independent
Irregular Pulse - 2004 Independent


Feeling a bit camera shy


The son of Ontarians, Del grew up on the South Shore of Nova Scotia and came back 'home' in 1990. He started playing guitar at the age of eleven with instruction from his Dad in the Bluegrass vein but had quickly moved into areas of progressive music during his early teens. He ditched the electric in favour of his acoustic work in the early nineties, cut his hair and has never looked back. His early work was very Latin influenced and he saw himself touring in far away places like Guatemala in 1994. A part time musician until 2001, Del has undergone a remarkable evolution as a song writer and entertainer. He has toured extensively with Don Ross, performed a solo show for the final evening of the 2004 Montreal Jazz Festival and has organized Canada's first guitar festival (
His music, stage presence and ability to connect with auidences is gaining wider footholds with each performance.