"I'd hire 'em!" ~ Brian's mom, Terry, on February 9, 2007 at 3:33 am after two glasses of Postino's 39/39 wine.


Brian DeMarco and Lisa Leanne met three leagues under the sea on a Sunday afternoon at 3:27 pm. He sat beside a budding coral reef drawing his self-portrait in the smooth, sandy ocean floor. He was finishing the curves of his fedora humming, “Can I Sleep In Your Arms Tonight Baby,” from Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger album when Lisa Leanne happened upon him. She had been swinging along from seaweed stalks admiring the many wonderful sea creatures when she heard his song. She dropped down from the seaweed stalks in one pure, fluid motion, landed beside his portrait and began dancing joyfully with the elegant and bobbing jelly fish. She smiled demurely but with a sparkling eye, and matched his humming with her own perfectly simple harmony. They sang with all that they had in their hearts and finished the ballad to the tears of many nearby guppies, who were listening all the while. He looked up from his finished portrait and with a gentle-eyed grin queried, “Would you?” Her eyes answered before her perfectly shaped lips replied, “I would.” He took her hand, and she helped him off his knees. They leapt up together, grasped a hold of a passing seaweed stalk, and began swinging. They’ve been singing songs and making friends, swinging along through this remarkably divine ocean scene ever since. So kind readers, if you ever get the chance to listen to their simple song, I highly recommend you do. You won’t be disappointed.

DeMarco has had the privilege and pleasure of opening for such fine artists as Taj Mahal, Sam Bush, Joe Ely, Allison Brown, Ralph Stanley, Peter Rowan, Tony Rice, and Michelle Branch.

DeMarco has been touring the western United States non-stop for the last two years.


If you’re into “bare-bones, homegrown, thought provoking music,” then O’Shays is your place tonight.
Those are the words of musician Brian DeMarco of DeMarco, who will be performing at 7 p.m. today at O’Shays Irish Pub, located at 313 Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive.
The band is comprised of DeMarco on acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals and piano, and Lisa Leanne on harmony vocals, fiddle and percussion.
The performance will focus on material drawn from their newest album “Angle Face,” but will feature songs from their previous four albums. The band emphasizes the distinct tone and style of each album.
DeMarco has opened for established artists including Taj Mahal, Tony Rice and Michelle Branch.
“The newer material is a bit more dark and moody,” DeMarco said. “(It’s) exploring ideas that question our so-called progress and accepted corporate environment.
Influenced by jazz and blues, DeMarco generates a variety of sounds in their cannon of songs.
“I’ve played bluesy sounding music and rock sounding music and bluegrassy and folky,: DeMarco said. “I think it’s important not to limit oneself in any way when creating.”
DeMarco and Leanne met seven years ago in Flagstaff, Arizona. Already a traveling musician on the road, DeMarco found Leanne’s harmonic, gentle voice a perfect match for his cross-genre songwriting.
“I think both Lisa and I have always innately understood creating art and music, “ DeMarco said. “It’s like you’re just born with some inexplicable understanding.”
“More practically though I suppose I found music to be more naturally meditative and full of energy than other mediums,” DeMarco said.
DeMarco played at O’Shays about six months ago.
Prior to that DeMarco has only performed in Coeur d”Alene once before. Their current tour continues throughout the Northwest through early May.
Four tracks of their newest album are available for preview on the band’s Web site, The tracks are deliberately raw, maintaining a live acoustic vibe to the sound.
DeMarco’s harmonica solos are inspired, and Leanne’s elegant backing vocals compliment DeMarco’s straight laced lyrical delivery. Their Web site also features tracks from previous albums for samplings.
When asked about his music, DeMarco expresses pure passion for his craft. He describes music as a divine experience, and considers all of their music as extensions of themselves.
“No frills here. No smoke and mirrors,” DeMarco said. “People can expect an honest and passionate performance by two people serious about communicating ideas.”
You can find more on DeMarco at or at

Couer d'Alene Press
Tyler Wilson April 27, 2007

Brian DeMarco performs a lot, and well he should, because he's that good. He loves to play music (I'm sure he thinks all the time spent sleeping and eating is just a waste) and, darn it, he just looks good up there on the stage. He's a born performer with enough talent to make it anywhere: A high-caliber songwriter and vocalist that, if he wasn't sane, would be playing in New York or L.A. or Nashville.

Above excerpt from Flagstaff Live! 07/04 by Mic


Nobody From Nowhere

Written By: Brian DeMarco

Nobody from nowhere said
You see they need you to believe
All the junk they'll put in your head
That'll keep you fast asleep

Nobody from nowhere said
At first it's just a dull pain
It won't be much longer and then
You won't feel a thing

The hammer blows of conditioning
Coming down, down, down
Nobody from nowhere's listening
Down, down, down

Nobody from nowhere said
You see they've got you on your knees
Better not lose your head
Lose sight of what you see

Nobody from nowhere said
At first it's just a dull pain
It won't be much longer and then
It won't matter anyway

Hammer blows of conditioning
Coming down, down, down
Nobody from nowhere's listening
Down, down, down

Straw House

Written By: Brian DeMarco

I built my house made out of straw
Waited for the big bad wolf to come
When he finally came rappin' at my door
I pulled his teeth out one by one
Struck a match
Held it up to the sun
Then I watched as that straw house burned down
To the ground

I went down to cross the river
But the water rose up way too high
So I laid down on the banks on my back
Just to face the sky
It’s alright we’re all on a road that winds
It’s alright we all tell ourselves a lie or two
From time to time

I’ve been tryin’ to bide my time
But I know soon I’m gonna make a move
You stay planted in the grass too long
You might start growin’ roots
The forest is full of thieves and won’t suffer fools
I’m halfway between where I’m comin’ from
And where I’m goin’ to

Catch A Dream

Written By: Brian DeMarco

Lately I've been thinking
way too much
I'm losing ground
I'm out of touch

I sure am learning
things ain't always what they seem
All I ever wanted
was to wake up in the morning feeling free
feeling free

I'm standing where the ocean meets the shore
Looking for a way to be reborn
Trying to remember what it was I was searching for

Lately it's been hard
Slow moving
I'm in the dark
Not sure what I'm doing
All I ever wanted
was to catch one dream
All I ever wanted
was to wake up in the morning
feeling free
feeling free

Lately I've been wondering
wondering why
Some days crumble
right before my eyes
All I ever wanted
was to wake up in the morning
feeling free
feeling free

Standing where the ocean meets the shore
Looking for a way to be reborn
Waiting on the morning sun to rise and bring its warmth

All I ever wanted was to wake up in the morning feeling free
feeling free


DeMarco newest effort, "Angel Face," is the duo's first collaboration. The four previous albums are an amalgamation of Brian's other collaborations.

Angel Face (2006)
DeMarco's latest album is a concept piece that explores the death, journey, and resurrection of the modern-day poet.

Bend Don't Break (2005)
Ranging from heartfelt ballads, reggae, blues, rock, and bluegrass, DeMarco shows the diversity and cohesiveness of his creativity in 14 songs.

Big Heart Small Worries (2005)
A departure from the bands, DeMarco shows his singer/songwriter side solo. Live, raw, and no frills reminiscent of a young Bob Dylan. Solid songs.

Everything Nothing (2004)
Backed by an electric band, this is DeMarco's bluesy album stacked with two electric guitars, harmonica, saxophone, bass, and drums.

Never Come Down (2003)
This album is DeMarco's first. An eclectic mix of songs with a rockier edge.

Set List

We typically do about 90% original music peppering in some unique and inspired interpretations of such artists as Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Social Distortion, Paul Simon, and Neil Young. We also enjoy performing some traditional stylings of blues and bluegrass.