"Dem Boys From Chicago"™

"Dem Boys From Chicago"™

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shelley Fisher has a reputation of filling the seats & performing the music of Joe Williams, Lou Rawls & Nat "King" Cole in "Dem Boys From Chicago"™ and his original award winning songs. His credits include MGM/Mirage (2002-2005), New York Bar (Tokyo 2010) and on various Cruise ships.


Shelley Fisher was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi. He moved to Chicago at the age of ten years old and grew up on the city’s West side. Fisher began his musical career by studying theory, composition and vocal technique with James L. Mack in the Chicago Junior College System and vocal coach Gisela Gottling at The Chicago Conservatory of Music at Roosevelt University. For several years he was the featured vocalist with the popular Morris Ellis Orchestra.

His first professional opportunity came as a principal in the Oscar Brown Jr. musical production “Summer In The City” (Harper Court Theater), in 1966. His performance of “Elegy” (To A Plain Black Boy) led to him opening for Stevie Wonder at the originalRegal Theater in Chicago. Since that time Shelley has shared billing or recorded with other world renown artists such as the original group Earth, Wind & Fire, The Dells,Eartha Kitt and B.B. King.

Fisher arrived in Los Angeles in 1970 and soon found steady work playing piano and singing for the “jet set” in watering holes like ‘The Sportsmen's Lodge’ (Sherman Oaks) and Frank Sinatra’s spot “Jilly’s” in Palm Springs. His songwriting abilities began to get notice when “Girl, I Love You” launched the career of Chicago R&B/Soul legendGarland Green. “Yesterday’s Dreams” (Lou Rawls on Capital Records), “Plainsville, U.S.A.” (Jimmy Randolph on Motown Records) and “King Size Bed” (The Valentine Brothers on Sony Records) are but a few of the titles in Fisher’s catalogue.

In 1972, he landed a co-starring role in the comedy motion picture “Calliope”. He played the role of “Piano Player in “Three Wishes of Billy Grier” starring Ralph Macchio and in “Letter to Three Wives” with Loni Anderson. Shelley wrote and performed the original music for the motion picture “Drifting Clouds” (”Kauas Pilvet Karkaavat”), written and directed by Finnish producer Aki Kaurismaki. This film won second prize at the 1996 Cannes (France) Film Festival.

In 2009, Fisher played Dr. Conrad Murray in the Michael Jackson Episode of VH1 Television series “Famous Crime Scene Investigations”. To see a complete list of his film credits, visit: http://www.imdb.com/shelleyfisher. Shelley returned to his hometown Chicago in 1977 and the infamous gang infested community Cabrini-Green as Artist in Residence’. There he taught the ‘Blues’ as a cultural heritage in two Chicago’s Public Schools. The program of his design was funded by the Illinois Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. The program was successful and continues to be funded, benefiting the Community and other Blues Artists as well.

From 1978 through 1999 Fisher lived and worked abroad, namely in Osaka, Japan,Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and Oslo, Norway.
In 1997, Shelley wrote, arranged and produced “CELEBRATION”, A Tribute to Nat “King” Cole. The Las Vegas style program was produced at the NRK TV (Norwegian TV) and toured from Scandinavia to Spain earning high praises throughout the European Union including Poland and in Switzerland.
Shelley Fisher has made his home in Las Vegas, NV since 2000 where he headlined in the now defunct ‘Baccarat Bar’ at the MGM/Mirage Resorts & Casino for three years (2002 - 2005). He broke two attendance records in 2007 with performances in Den Hague, Holland and at ‘Puntaldia’, the Jazz Music Festival on the Island of Sardegna, Italy.

In 2009, he appeared in Osaka, Japan as the ‘Special Guest’ of Pianist, Composer Zenshow Ohtsuka in celebration of Zenshow’s 55th Anniversary, accompanied by the Arrow Jazz Orchestra in the NHK Concert Hall in Osaka. Shelley performed in the “New York Bar”, of the Park-Hyatt Hotel, Tokyo, Japan from June 20 - September, 2010. Fisher performs his Tribute act on major cruise ships (Carnival Cruises and Holland American Lines) as ‘Guest Entertainer’ singing the music of of Nat “King” Cole, Lou Rawls & Joe Williams in a concept titled “Dem Boys From Chicago”™.

His latest release, a single titled “Give It Up” (Kickin’ Drug Abuse), a song that he wrote and produced. It features Shelley and Norwegian singing sensation Alice Myrbostad and targets substance abuse. The track is available on iTunes, CD Baby, amazon.com, emusic.com and most other digital download sites.


Lonesome Traveler

Written By: Shelley Fisher

“Lonesome Traveler”
(Words & Music by Shelley Fisher)
Verse I
Wrap the world in happy paper,
bells and bows and happy paper
Send it to the wonderful girl I love

Verse II
In my wild imagination,
I can picture God’s creation
going to the wonderful girl I love

Make a world thats peaceful
where everyone is free
Send it to my baby
Tell her it came from me

Verse III
I’m a lonely Lonesome Traveler
Heaven help this Lonesome Traveler
serenading the wonderful girl I love

Everyday I Have The Blues

Written By: Jimmy Rushing

Everyday, everyday I have the blues
Everyday, everyday I have the blues
Well you see me worry baby,
girl its you I hate to lose

Nobody loves me, nobody seems to care
Nobody loves me, nobody seems to care
Speaking of bad luck and trouble
You know I've had my share

I'm gonna pack my suitcase, move on down the line
I'm gonna pack my suitcase, move on down the line
A'int nobody worried and there a'int
nobody crying


"Girl I Love You"
"I'll Leave You Girl For Somebody New"
(recorded with Earth, Wind & Fire)
Stories CD
"Old Food Shop"
"Give It Up" (Kick'in Drug Abuse)

Set List

'Song List' varies. 75+ minutes running time.
1. "Everyday I Have The Blues" (Joe Williams)
2. "Going To Chicago Blues" (Joe Williams)
3. "Heres To Life" (Joe Williams)
4. "Pure Imagination" (Lou Rawls)
5. "Lady Love" (Lou Rawls)
6. "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" (Lou Rawls)
7. "Lonesome Traveler" (Shelley Fisher)
8. "Nat's Love Medley" (Nat "King" Cole)
9. "Sweet Lorraine" (Nat "King" Cole)
10. "Straighten Up, Fly Right" (Nat "King" Cole)
11. "Too Young" (Nat "King" Cole)
12. "Candy"
13. "Unforgettable" (Nat "King" Cole)
14. "Quizas, Quizas, Quizas" (Nat "King" Cole)
15. "Ramblin' Rose/Lazy, Hazy Days Of Summer" Medley
(Nat "King" Cole)
16. "Route 66" (Nat "King" Cole)
16. "Girl I Love You" (Shelley Fisher)