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The best kept secret in music


"Press Release"


For more information, contact: Jimmy Davis
805 982-0880

“It’s All Good!” … A must buy in 2005!

Packed with exciting, soulful and innovative vocal performances through Demetra Davis’ original material, this project, “It’s All Good!”
(Presented by Renewed Ministries), is to put it simply, all good!

This CD cannot be far away from Grammy and Dove award territory!

The retail release date for “It’s All Good!” is June 6, 2005. The Renewed Ministries 13-song debut CD provides the listener with a veritable smorgasbord of musical entertainment. Combining the “live” sold out concert bass solo performance by Jimmy Davis, with the super urban hip-hop vocal style presented by Demetra Davis in, “God Has A Way” then, adding to those the fully orchestrated upcoming independent movie sound track release, “The Journey Of Jabez”, this volume of work indeed takes the listener on a journey that is absolutely, positively, refreshingly unique…both musically and spiritually!

The radio five-play includes new gospel music genre that ranges from Gospel-Pop to Smooth-Gospel type styling. Starting from the CD title song, “It’s All Good!” with its undeniable groove, beautiful string arrangement and super catchy, “…can’t stop singing it…” chorus, to the lilting, soothing, melodically healing virtues presented in “Who Can Separate Us?” to the highly exciting, in your face, old school styled 4 piece horn section
vamp/sing-along of, “Must Be Born Again”… This fresh new album is currently taking its listeners by storm and receiving rave reviews by all who have had the pleasure of listening to it.

If you have not heard any of the singles from the radio five-play, call your local radio stations today and request the hot new tracks from Demetra Davis! The lyrics are good, the music is good --The name of this CD is –
“It’s All Good!”

The release date for the full CD is June 6, 2005. Mark your calendars now! This is a date you do not want to miss!

For bookings and interviews contact:

*Shield of Faith Productions - Phone: 805 982-0880
*Jimmy Davis - Email:

For more information about Renewed! Visit their website at

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"News Paper Article"

(First, some general info about this area and newspaper from the publisher's website)...

-- Located approximately 55 miles north of Los Angeles, Ventura County covers an 1,800 square-mile region and has a population of 791,000 residents. The Star is by far the dominant newspaper in the county, with twice the circulation of the Los Angeles Times and almost five times the circulation of the Los Angeles Daily News. The Star also has one of the highest household penetration rates in Southern California, reaching 40 percent of its primary market area as compared to most other newspapers.--

This is the second article done by the Ventura County Star about Demetra in less than a year. Here is the Article...

Gospel singer overcomes cancer, loss
Oxnard woman puts together CD of religious songs

By Nancy Needham, Correspondent
Ventura County Star
December 15, 2005

Because many who hear the music of gospel singer, musician and songwriter Demetra Davis come away inspired, her voice is being heard more and more on the radio and before various congregations and organizations.

"She sings like an angel," said Jewel Pedi, community relations director for Ventura County Food Share.

Every week, Davis, 44, plays the organ and sings at St. Paul Baptist Church in Oxnard.

In addition, she performed Dec. 3 at Food Share's annual volunteer Christmas gathering at the Greater Oxnard/Port Hueneme Boys & Girls Club. In June, she sang at FOOD Share's annual breakfast, a reward for the many volunteers who work throughout the year to collect donations, sort and pack food for some 38,000 people each month, Pedi said.

Davis' performance, Pedi said, was a very spiritual experience for those attending. "Her voice is a gift from God, and her singing is a wonderful way to thank our volunteers," Pedi said.

At the June event, Davis, an Oxnard resident, sang, "Make me a blessing to someone today. Give me the words to help someone along the way." The words are in her song "Make Me a Blessing" and from her "All's Good" CD. The song, along with other Davis selections, can be heard from her Web site at

Davis grew up in Portland, Ore., and moved to Oxnard with husband the Rev. Jimmy Davis some 18 months ago.

While growing up, Davis became familiar with life's trials and tragedies. Both parents had died -- her mother of breast cancer when Demetra was only 11, and her father, a minister, of a massive brain hemorrhage when she was 18. As a child, Davis suffered from extreme shyness. Her three older sisters sang in her father's church while she accompanied them on the piano. She also played the organ every Sunday at church.

"We knew she had a gift to play the piano and organ, but none of us knew she could sing because she was so shy," said the Rev. Reggie Harris, a childhood friend from Portland.

Then "the time came when I accepted the Lord in my life," said Davis. Through her faith she found the strength to overcome her shyness and sing.

"The first time I heard her sing I was just amazed -- the power gave me chills -- and I knew God has truly anointed her to play, write and sing His music," said Harris.

Davis remembers wanting to connect with music all of her life. When she was 4, her family did not have a piano so she would go to the neighbor's house and ask for permission to play theirs even before she could pronounce the instrument's name, she said. "I would knock on their door and ask, 'May I play your pin-an-o?'."

Things changed again in 1997 when daughter Danielle, 3 at the time, touched Davis' breast climbing up onto her mother's lap. "The pain of her touching me almost threw me through the roof," said Davis.

A trip to the doctor revealed Davis had stage two breast cancer, and she underwent surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Divorced in 1995, she went through all of this by herself, not knowing if she would see her daughter grow up, she said.

The spark for her first CD, "All's Good," came from such challenges and her reliance, she said, on the Bible and the scripture Romans 8:28, which reads, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

Davis has found a way to let out her hilarious side. Sometimes she puts on a body suit, wig and duct-taped glasses and performs as a wild and crazy character named Madam Flossie Mae. As her alter ego, she is able to express all the funny things she sees at church using Flossie Mae's own unique vocabulary, which comes from really messed up English words, said Davis.

Davis and her second husband, also a musician, enjoy finding ways to entertain and offer training and workshops to help participants find and develop their talents so they, too, can inspire others. More information about their endeavors can be found on their Web site.

The artist said she believes she was put in Oxnard for a purpose and is generous in sharing her gifts and tal - The Ventura County Star


"It's All Good!"
Shield of Faith Productions
"Caught Up!"
Shield of Faith Productions


Feeling a bit camera shy


Sweeping across a broad field of demographics,
(age, marital status, gender, race and religious affiliation), the music of Demetra Davis catches every one of them all at once.

Kind of like the difference between fishing with a pole or a net!

Minister Demetra “Mete” Davis is the youngest of four girls born to Rev. James and Asylean Crawford. She grew up in the church and her three older sisters sang together. Mete didn’t sing, in fact she didn’t talk very much, to put it mildly. Early in her life, she found her first love-the piano. When she was three, her father’s church was one of the places she could play the piano.

At the age of 14, she found her second and greatest love-the HAMMOND B-3 organ, she also came to know the Lord, (her ultimate Greatest love), as her personal savior. She soon began to express her love for the Lord through writing songs, however she did not find the courage to sing publicly until she was about 20 years old, so her parents, (by this time deceased), never had the opportunity to hear her sing.

Sister Mete Believes In Praise! ...

Over the years she has taken audiences away from the stress of everyday life and created a place of worship, joy and thanksgiving in their hearts and minds.

Today, Mete is singing like never before, whether it is with the choir and praise team at church, or on her newly released CD's “It’s All Good” and "Caught Up!"... Sister Mete is being heard.

Minister Davis believes everyone deserves a chance to worship God through song. Even if singing is not what they do, they can still participate by clapping their hands, stomping their feet, or just moving around.

Worshiping God with Sister Mete at a "Live Performance" is an experience you will always remember.
But owning her music on a CD is an experience you can enjoy at any time...for a life time!

When you here the funky, jazzy grooves, you may wonder, what is that sound?

But when you hear the words, you’ll know you've just heard, TRUE GOSPEL!