Demetrius Johnson

Demetrius Johnson


Now's the time to tear down the walls in your life & here's you opportunity! Endless Praise is the debut album for Demetrius Johnson. It contains super charged praise that will ignite your spirit & refresh your soul.


The Bible says, “When praises go up blessings come down.” Our strongest weapon against any attack is our praise!

Demetrius Johnson seeks to empower Christians by providing them with the necessary tools to claim victory. This ministry has been a journey of faith for Demetrius and his wife. Together, they have learned how to totally rely on God. As a result of their experiences in life and ministry, they are fully persuaded that once the children of God realize how much HE truly loves them their praise will set them free from sickness and pain—both physical and emotional. Only God has brought them this far as they believe that the best is yet to come!

Demetrius has overcome the odds and has become a successful husband, father, and college graduate. He has been called to minister God’s love and grace through praise and worship. His songs compel and encourage unbridled worship and transform the atmosphere, resulting in the freeing of captives from bondage and fear.


Endless Praise

Set List

A typical set consists of 2-3 annointed praise and worship songs that will bless your spirit.