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The songs of Demi & Zane reach inside of you and pull at those emotions you long to feel and also those you hope to avoid. With a passion for detailed story telling they will take you on a journey through devastating heartache and the sweetest romance.


After achieving Top 4 success as a dancer on So You Think You Can Dance Australia 2008, Demi has been touring Australia dancing, singing, speaking and teaching at various events. She's also a member of the Hip-Hop band The Casio Brothers and together they tour as The Casio Brothers & Demilition B-Girl and have performed everywhere from the Sydney Opera House (4 sold out shows) to the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Demi is passionately immersed in singing and songwriting and is currently writing an album with singer/songwriter Zane Beck. Their songs are not what fans of So You Think You Can Dance Australia or The Casio Brothers & Demilition B-Girl, who saw her as a Hip-Hop dancer, would expect. There's a softer side to Demi that singing allows her to show and their songs so far are taking a gentle acoustic folk ride into love, heartache, family and environmental concern.

Inspired by performing their first co-written song, 'Eloquent Grace', live at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2009 before a crowd of 3,000 people, they decided to perform at the women' prison Dame Phyllis Frost Centre to raise money for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal and to celebrate International Women's Day.

One woman made the most endearing comment, "This is the first time I have felt like I wasn't in prison". Demi and Zane were deeply touched by the wave of emotion that filled the room during their set, and it has driven them to believe more in their acoustic/folk songwriting and the power that music has to move people. They have continued to create more songs with view to record and release an independent album and follow it with a tour to take in major cities and rural towns.

Demi Sorono
A young girl from the Philippines, Demi would not have dreamed of ever becoming one of Australia's favorite dancers and to be an accomplished B-Girl with no formal dance training. She soared her way to the top 4 with her vibrant fighting spirit, a smile that was infectious which resonated beyond the TV screen and touched every viewer's heart with her unpretentious and warm personality.

Demi also won the Australiasian B-Girl Championship in 2005.

Known for her energetic dance moves on So You Think You Can Dance, Australia is yet to discover her newly awakened musical talents. Not content to ever cease evolving as an artist, Demi has been hard at work, strengthening her skills as a songwriter and singer, a passion Demi plans to follow with as much gusto as she has shown in her dancing career.

Zane Beck
Zane started the award winning Casio Brothers in 2003 ('Best Dance Act' SA Music Industry Awards 2006) and is an award winning singer/songwriter. He received a 'Maton Best Acoustic Guitar Award' for 'The Tofu Song' as a Top 10 Finalist in the MusicOz Songwriting Competition 2004 and ranked #28 with 'Georgie Porgie Puddin'n' Pie' (damning Bush). In 2005 'No Higher Ground' ranked #21 and in 2006 'The Band in the Sky' also ranked at #21. His skills include singing, songwriting, guitar, sitar, bass, keyboard, drums, music production, acting, dance, management and marketing.

More recently his song 'No Higher Ground' featured on The Wilderness Society's 'Forests Forever' CD which includes the likes of John Butler Trio, Xavier Rudd, Mia Dyson and Blue King Brown.

The Music
Demi & Zane's music style is Acoustic/Folk and sometimes has a Celtic essence. Lyrically they've both dumped on their ex's (dealt with it), explored new love and expressed concern for our world's future. The content is inspiring and heart wrenching, as each song tells a story of experiences that leaves a vivid picture in the listener's mind. With a wealth of experience in their respective fields to date, Demi & Zane are confident that their debut album will be just the beginning.

The Album
Production in their evolving home studio is quite raw at this stage, but is improving with newly purchased equipment and software and will soon be at standard ready to make their song sketches into a quality album. The songs on this site are merely sketches...


All the Petals Gone

Written By: Demi & Zane

All the petals gone
I walked away alone
Battle scarred and torn
Love's bloom has turned to thorn

I gave my heart to you
But that was soon betrayed
My freedom hid behind
Conditions that you made

My heart was weakened
Your heart was hardened
My heart was seeking
A sentence pardoned

You kept me in your life
You couldn't be alone
When I was out of sight
You'd call me on the phone

You made me feel that I
Would go and do you wrong
So many times I tried
To tell you I was faithful
The harder that you gripped
The further I would slip
I got so sick of it
How did we last for so long?


Your obsession grew too strong
Your love would turn to rage
And I was pulled along
Behind you in a cage

You watched me slowly fall
On hand and knee I crawled
You stood above me tall
I hoped that you would wake up
Our love was bound to end
And now I'm free again
You lied to all our friends
I've heard the things you made up


I'll get through the night
Without you in the way
The sun will rise again
To light tomorrow's day

I hope that love will find you
And teach a better way
I hope our time reminds you
How far from love you strayed

I hope that time is kind to you
And love will fill your days
Release that cage behind you
To rust and blow away

Eloquent Grace

Written By: Demi & Zane

All those days
I put on a face
I left a trace
Of eloquent grace

I knew all the answers
I knew em back then
But it’s hard to see thru
That which you depend

But now I know
It’s time to sow
These seeds in my heart
And watch them all grow
And watch them all grow

Don’t hold me back
Don’t set me free
I was living somewhere in between
Two places I didn’t want to be
It wasn’t me

I think back to the times
We had known
Things we had shared
How apart we had grown

Sure there was love
There were many other things
But I found refuge
In the freedom time brings
I found freedom

Don’t hold me back
Don’t set me free
I was living somewhere in between
Two places I didn’t want to be
It wasn’t me

I grew so tired
When I was with you
Now I’m so inspired
Who knows what I’ll do

I wanna make songs
With my voice and my hands
I’m up in the clouds
Who knows when I’ll land

Love is bird
That flies all around you
A song that you love
A breeze that surrounds you
When it has found you

Don’t hold me back
Don’t set me free
I was living somewhere in between
Two places I didn’t want to be
It wasn’t me

Set List

All the Petals Gone
Eloquent Grace
The Equilibrium
You're Beautiful as You Are
Two Black Eyes
Set Yourself Free
Did You Ever Tell Me
It's Not Fair
Spice in Me
Tears, Trains and Dancers
What He Did