Demian Sharpe

Demian Sharpe


Demian's unique brand of stripped-down rock n' roll is visceral but highly sensitive, uncomplicated but sophisticated in its austerity, tragic but far from mirthless. It is, stated plainly, philosophical rock.


Demian had an isolated childhood in a fervently religious household, in which preparing for the apocalypse was a matter of daily routine. As an adolescent, he spent the majority of his time alone in a small room, listening to an "oldies" rock n' roll station, which introduced him to many of the '50s and '60s artists that would influence his songwriting in later life. He started playing his father's guitar at the age of 15, at the very beginning of his "teenage rebellion" phase, and immediately set about trying to form punk bands modeled off of his idols, the Misfits. Later he advanced from punk to heavy metal, and spent a couple of years playing black metal in the Scandinavian tradition of Mayhem, Darkthrone, and Dark Funeral. Due to a variety of personal circumstances, including being arrested and becoming a father, Demian's focus shifted when he was 18 years old, to making more subdued and - possibly - popularly appealing music. It was clear by this time that darkly-themed music came naturally to him, and he looked to Leonard Cohen and Robert Johnson for inspiration. For all his apparent mellowing-out, the initial influence of punk rock never left his songwriting and performance approach, and over the past five years, Demian has patented an utterly individualized style that is rugged but sensitive, morose but witty, scary but charming, intellectual but accessible. Known for his adherence to a minimalist production philosophy and lo-fi recording preferences, and having no time and no taste for the typical rock n' roll lifestyle, Demian has cut himself a permanent niche in today's overwhelmed, flash-in-the-pan music market, preferring to make his way one fan at a time, and avoiding the temptation to generalize his appeal by adulterating his methods. In this, Demian Sharpe may be the first artist ever to employ what might be termed as the "Socratic" approach to achieving rock n' roll immortality.


The following albums are available on Demian's website:
Easter Sunday (2006);
Fascinating Creature (2006);
Kid Dracula (2005);
and New Gospel (2005).
The "unofficial" recordings that preceded these have never been formally catalogued, but are known to number in the hundreds.

Set List

Demian Sharpe has written hundreds and hundreds of songs. Customarily, he plays his newer material first, and then adds older, lesser-known material for a little extra flavor. Since his artistic vision is so individualistic and singular, it is extremely rare that Demian ever performs a cover.