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I wrote my own bio so this will be from first person p.o.v.. Well where do we start, do we start in the Islands where my family and I left to pursue better education and more opportunity in the United States, or do we start in Harlem where I got my first taste of the American ghettos, or we can start in New Jersey where I learned most about life and gained my most memorable experiences. We will start in the place I consider my hometown. I moved to Plainfield after bouncing around many places in Michigan and New York. As a young child I spoke with a stutter and a thick Carribean accent which most of the children made fun of in school. However I was still popular among the children for my artistic skills, back then it was drawing. I used to sell the drawings to earn extra money, that was my first true hustle. By the time I was around 13 my passion for drawing transformed into music. My first true influences where 2 Pac, Nas, Jay-z, and Mobb Deep. During my teenage years I started running into trouble with the law. Concerned that I may spin out of control my mother threatened to send me back to the Islands, she said if she didn’t do it then eventually the police would. I lived on a quiet block, but my younger brother and I were the only males on the block that didn’t catch early felony charges. Most of my older friends that showed me the ropes and kept me out of harms way were locked away by the time I entered High School. In 11th Grade I was getting suspended from school so much that my mother and I decided it would be best for me to drop out and get my GED. The day we went to go fill out the papers the Vice Principal convinced me that I was making a poor decision so I stayed in school and graduated with my class. After high school while most of my closest friends were in and out of prison I went to Junior College and played Basketball for three years. After my eligibility was up I decided it was best I stop going to the JuCo. After working at a factory for a couple of months I felt it best that I go back to school but this time for something I loved. I left New Jersey and moved to Florida when I was around 21 in pursuit of a degree in music that helped me fine tune my production and emcee skills.


Walk On Water EP

Set List

15 minute sets.