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Michigan City, Indiana, United States

Michigan City, Indiana, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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"Peaking Through the High Hats Review"

REVIEW: The Demilos are able to offer several variations of gently twisted pop on their latest effort, Peaking Through The High Hats, because all five members sing and four are songwriters. The dB’s as well as Fountains Of Wayne spring to mind on catchy songs like “Into The Woods” and “Parlorphone Twister.” The Demilos add some country twang with the deliberately cornball but equally melodic “Desirae,” while “Avatar” sounds like these guys spent some time listening to “I Am The Walrus.” Things get even more adventurous on the psychedelic “April Storm.” - Terrence Flamm... ... - ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER

"comment on Peaking Through the High Hats"

I enjoyed it, very psychedelic 60's sounding. Nice songs

Reminds me a bit of The Lucky Bishops
- Barkless Dog on

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Angie says:
On Tuesday 2/26/08 1:35 PM
In recent shows, I've noticed that Demilos have grown a great deal in the past few years. With Joe Daley and Brett Callaway from the start; and the editions of Finn Swingley and Mike Snyder, and the return of Brian Daley, Demilos music has evolved into an orgy or fusion of each band members unique styles and influences. Trail blazing through the 'same-sound drones' in an attempt to reignite 'True Rock 'n' Roll', these guys are definitely eager to light a FIRE under our asses!! And now there is a BUZZ about a release of a NEW album in 2008 called 'Peaking Through the High Hats!' I want to be there for that Record Release Show!!

- center stage

"Equalizer Chicago 9/4/08 recap"

Demilos were next and they saw Bicycle Tricycle’s Brian Eno and raised them one Kinks and a Sgt. Pepper. Demilos are a group of 5 songwriter/multi-instrumentalists including a pair of twin brothers (Brian and Joe Daley) who draw heavily from the experimental sounds of early Brit pop a la Eno/The Kinks/Bowie as well as American avant-garde pop maestros like Brian Wilson or The Flaming Lips and blend it with enough roots rock twang to make something that is their own. Demilos drew most of their material on Thursday from their new self released LP “Peaking Through The High Hats” which is a fantastic collection of psychedelic retro jams and lyrically driven countrified rock that quickly sneaks into your brain and demands repeat listens. My favorite song on the record and one of my favorites from their set is “Avatar,” a pitch perfect drug era Beatles-esqu homage about making a virtual girlfriend online. If you don’t already feel like a douche for being on Second Life this song will make you sweat a little. “Picking up chicks never worked for me so I’m making up my own as you can see… ” Priceless. - by: Mike Turner
photos:Jeremy Farmer


2008: Peaking Through the High Hats



In the beginning there were no Demilos. Then, suddenly, there was a massive explosion. All the matter of the universe burst forth in a giant froth of sub-atomic particles. After a few hundred million years, these particles coalesced into dark clouds of gas and finally massive stars. These first stars lived hard and died young. Just like true rockers. The hydrogen atoms of these first stars were fused into helium atoms. The helium was burned again into carbon ash. Eventually, from these carbon ashes a band was born. We are all star dust. (The proceeding description is not to be confused with Intelligent Design because that “theory” is just shitty science.)