Demise Of All Reason

Demise Of All Reason


Our music is non-stop brutality, Phil and I write to outdo each other every time. And I think this brings the music to another level. The 3-song demo is good, but I can't wait for the world to hear what we cooked up for our new release.


Demise of all Reason was formed in May 2006 by Jon Morrison and Phil Pluskota. The two had shared the stage many times with their previous bands, A Horror Story, and Prying Eyes. Mike Iannuzzi was recruited to play the skins soon after as the band began to take shape. It was agreed upon from the beginning that there were only two vocalists in the area that the band would ever work with, Lafe Flynn, and Jeff Eveleno. Jon and Lafe were both in A Horror Story previously. Well when it came time to make a decision, it was impossible to let one of these talented vocalists go. So the decision was to keep both on board. The search for a bass player ended after the second tryout, Max Coley had the job. With the lineup solidified and songs taking form, Demise entered the studio to record "Dominate" their current 3 song demo. Recorded at Crush the Weaklings studio in Cape Coral, FL, the demo came out better than anyone could have hoped for. Demise enlisted the help of their friend Charlie with Gift Of Ruin to master it up and get it ready for release. With the demo complete, 200 copies were sold in the first month of shows played. The band will enter the studio in late April to complete their first full length, as yet untitled.Stay tuned as more details will follow soon.


Dominate - 3 song demo

Set List

- Intro
- Curse The Day
- Burned Bridges and Broken Promises
- The Price Of Tyranny
- Paralyzed and Pregnant
- Sitting Alone Naked in Your Room Watching Sealab 2021.
- Mechanically Separated
- Ghost of Sparta