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: YumaSun
... affiliated team mascots, opportunities for citizens to ask questions about the proposal
and a live performance by the Yuma-based band Demise of Hollywood. ... - 68k - 2008-10-08

News: Rally Day to promote events center | center, events, rally ...
... Sundogs and Burnie the official mascot. Live music will be provided by
Demise of Hollywood. "The event is being held to increase ... - 58k - 2008-10-06

Life: Local, out-of-state talent to participate in 'biggest gig in ...
... Print Story | E-Mail Story | Font Size. DEMISE OF HOLLYWOOD (Loaned
photo). Click to enlarge. Related Multimedia. ... - 61k - 2008-09-22

News: Whole city invited to be in punk band video | whole, band ...
... Demise of Hollywood invites the entire city of Yuma to be in a video that the
local pop punk band is shooting Saturday at Kennedy Skate Park. ... - 56k - 2008-06-19

News: Telethon calls for an end to hunger | calls, people, case ...
... Middaugh, Yuma Idol winner Thomas Ogilvie, Jazz of Yuma, Trinity United Methodist
Church Bell Choir, Leaving Rustin-Country Bank and Demise of Hollywood. ... - 58k - 2008-03-29

News: Plenty of ways to ring in new year, but remember to be safe ...
... metal New Year's Eve party with the bands Fight Fair, The Boys After, No Bragging
Rights and local bands Pride Before The Fall, Demise Of Hollywood and Beg For ... - 59k - 2007-12-29

Entertainment: Weekend band calendar 12-19-07 | performing ...
... For more information about this event or to reserve a table, call Julieanna's Patio
Cafe at 317-1961. Saturday: Demise of Hollywood, Yuma's own pop-punk. ... - 58k - 2007-12-18

Life: Heavy metal tour pulls into Yuma | yuma, metal, band ...
... that's what we do.". Also on the bill for Friday night are the local opening acts
Demise of Hollywood, Snails, SweatShop, All Your Might and Beg For Life. ... - 61k - 2007-11-14

Entertainment: You don't have to leave Yuma to hear plenty of live ...
... Valley, Calif.-based bands If Tomorrow Never Comes and Final Faze, as well as local
bands Beg For Life, a hard-core metal band; Demise of Hollywood, Yuma's own ... - 60k - 2007-11-06

Entertainment: Variety of musical performances this week | cover ...
... The $5 show also features local metal bands Demise of Hollywood, SweatShop, Koog
and Tears of Michael. Donations are encouraged for the out-of-town bands. ---. ... - 60k - 2007-10-16

Entertainment: Demise of Hollywood rocks Yuma | band, demise ...
Entertainment: Demise of Hollywood rocks Yuma | band, demise, hollywood, local,
yuma, punk, bands, pop, hard, core. ... Demise of Hollywood rocks Yuma. ... - 59k - 2007-09-27

Entertainment: Demise of Hollywood rocks Yuma | band, demise ...
Entertainment: Demise of Hollywood rocks Yuma | band, demise, hollywood, local,
yuma, punk, bands, pop, hard, core. ... Demise of Hollywood rocks Yuma. ... - 59k - 2007-09-27

Entertainment: Rock, country, alternative bands perform around ...
... bands: Las Vegas' Wintch Mob, El Centro's Break The State, Coachella Valley's If
Tomorrow Never Comes and two local bands, SweatShop and Demise Of Hollywood. ... - 58k - 2007-09-25 - YUMA DAILY SUN

"Yuma's Own."

Yuma Arizona used to be a pit stop from Phoenix to San Diego. Its reputation as one of America’s hottest cities put it on the map, and so did that flick “310 to Yuma.” The city has since blown up, making the roads look like clogged arteries. It’s definitely not one of the traditional cities where punk rock was first born decades ago, such as Bad Religion emerging from LA, and Bad Brains from Washington D.C. But the best talent can sometimes be found the last place you look. As we say in the TV business, success doesn’t have a script. Demise of Hollywood is a band as innovative as it’s name is. Walk around anywhere in Yuma and ask who Demise of Hollywood is, and you’ll find out. I asked Chris, the janitor who cleans the local gym I hit up, and he knows who they are! They’re the next big thing, they’re going to be as successful as their creative and ingenious name is. After interviewing bands and musicians for many years, it’s one of the coolest names I’ve ever heard, and the story behind it is even better. (You’ll have to ask the guys about it.) The name “Demise of Hollywood” itself is a winner. The dream started out as four guys from totally different musical backgrounds, stemming from pop punk, hardcore, metal core, rock, and industrial music. The band shatters the stereotype that you only need to know three cords to be in a punk band. In an era where you’ll mostly find punk bands with three to four members, maybe five, Demise of Hollywood has six guys, and they make it happen without a glitch. Each member contributes to a sound that has grown a huge fan base in the Desert Southwest. The band started out the place most bands do, in the garage, and have developed into a powerhouse, playing on the same stage as bands such as Suicide Silence, Walls Of Jericho, Broadway Calls, Death is not Glamorous, Katsumoto, The Ghost Inside, Winch Mob, If Tomorrow Never Comes, and that’s just to name a few…
The band has the passion and determination to make it in the crazy music business that breaks dreams, and sends bands home to try their hand at something else in life. The band tours relentlessly, and have already tore the roof off venues such as The Clubhouse, The Sets, and Libations in Phoenix, Arizona, and the Jillian’s in Las Vegas. The band has been featured in all local media in Yuma, including the local newspaper, “The Daily Sun,” KSWT 13, the local CBS affiliate, and KYMA, the local NBC affiliate. Demise of Hollywood also recently filmed a music video and released their new EP “One for Looking, Two for Flinching.” The guys have proved that they can compete with anyone, anytime, anywhere. They were semi-finalists in the regional Battle of the Bands in Las Vegas. These guys are the real deal, no joke. In the short time they’ve been together, the band has already picked up sponsors, including Thrust Drums, Breakdown, Broad Horizons clothing, & Drum Star Wear. I was in two punk rock bands myself, both obviously didn’t go anywhere. One was talented with no drive, the other had drive, but no talent. These guys not only have these qualities, they are motivated, determined, tenacious, sublime, superlative, and every other big word in the dictionary. I went to college for seven years, (no, I’m not a doctor), and I still can’t figure out why they aren’t signed, something that remains one of the great mysteries of the world! But I’ll tell you one thing, get to know these guys while you can, because real soon they’ll be traveling the world and you’ll need a back stage pass to see them. On top of all of that, they’re down to earth, humble, and will hang out with you before and after they put on one hell of a no holds barred show.

Rob Hughes
KSWT 13 (CBS)- Yuma/El Centro/Mexicali
- Rob Hughes / KSWT TV 13


Demo---Casting couch. 2007

EP-------One For Looking, Two For Flinching. 2008

Desert Rage -- UFC/MMA DVD 2007

2009 EP- New and improved

2010 EP-Pre Album EP



Demise Of Hollywood is a hybrid sound combining a wide range of Pop/Punk, Hardcore, Metal & Indie music. Since our beginnings we have strived for our own unique sound making everyone who hears Demise Of Hollywood asking who is this band. Having toured the U.S. a few times within the last two years the band has developed a wide range of followers in multiple states across the country. Currently Demise Of Hollywood is focused on striving for label support within the Pop/ punk community to expand our musical reach into more national & global markets.